University Logos

Before you begin using the university logo, read the graphic standards manual to be sure that you are using the logo correctly. University funds may not be used for designs that are not in compliance with graphic standards. Be careful not to alter the logo in any way.

Any materials designed outside of the Office of University Communications must be approved before they can be printed, displayed or published.

The University of Southern Mississippi reserves the right to review and monitor logo usage. All university logos are owned by The University of Southern Mississippi.

Effective August 17, 2017, the University logo will be used on all new print and digital materials for colleges, schools and academic departments. Existing academic unit logos will no longer be approved for use. New logos for academic units are expected to be released fall 2018. This transition period will provide academic units with a consistent logo while new branding materials are developed that reflect future naming conventions.

Information About Logo Files (119KB PDF)



Compact logo for The University of Southern Mississippi



Horizontal logo for The University of Southern Mississippi



Vertical logo for The University of Southern Mississippi


(Download a ZIP file of these logos.)



Logos for Promotional Items/Merchandise

(Download a ZIP file.)

Provide these logos to your vendor when ordering items such as t-shirts, cups, pens or bags.


Vector Logo Package

(Download a ZIP file.)

Use these logo files when using professional design software.