Web Services: Content Strategy


Content strategy is an overarching vision for the information and messaging for your organization, and it can cross over all the media platforms you have access to.

For Web or digital platforms, it would include coordinated communications through one or more of the following: your website, news releases, blog posts, emails or other e-communications, and social media.

Why Is It Important?

Messaging is always more effective when it’s coordinated and consistent. A good content strategy supports your organization’s overall goals and offers clear guidelines for the type of content you should be creating and the target audiences you should be trying to reach.

It’s the justification for how you spend your time. The strategy should also include a detailed schedule that outlines when content will be created and when it will be reviewed for updates, archiving or removal; measurable goals and analysis of Web traffic to determine the effectiveness of your content; and the importance of dedicating resources and defined roles for personnel to manage your site.