Web Services: An Overview


The Web Services team can provide solutions for your Web needs. Email uc@usm.edu to initiate a support or project request.


Our approach to building websites – or any project, really – starts where all good business projects should start; first, define your project goals.

Clearly articulated goals provide a blueprint for the project, and these goals are ideally measureable to gauge the project’s success.

Second, what audience are you trying to reach and why? Third, remember that the quote “content is king” is quite true. Your content and how it's organized – not the site’s aesthetic – is the reason people will visit your site.

Therefore, content strategy and the underlying architecture of your site’s organization and navigation will drive the design – not the other way around.


Our team’s expertise covers the following areas:

  • Content strategy, plus writing and editing assistance
  • Search engine optimization analysis and recommendations
  • Information architecture/navigation
  • User experience, design and presentation, including “responsive” design, which repositions site content according to the width of the browser, thus serving the same content to all Web-enabled devices
  • Development and site functionality, including content management systems
  • Social media strategy and recommendations
  • Website usability, usability testing and focus groups

In addition, Web Services works closely with other units within University Communications to ensure that your content, campaign or message can translate across media, including print materials and video.

Available Features & Services

  • Drupal content management system (CMS) for official university units such as colleges, schools, departments, offices, centers, institutes
  • Custom site design and development, pending management approval and available resources: The website we built for the Mississippi Polymer Institute is an example of a responsive design - one site that reformats based on the size of the browser on your device. Check it out on your computer, tablet and phone.
  • Web hosting for sites outside the Drupal CMS
  • Social Media consulting and strategy