Web Services: Social Media

What Is It?

Social media is a group of social-networking platforms generated and sustained by user-generated content that encourages social interaction between users. Social media is not just for personal use – it is also used as a tool for business to connect with consumers in real time.

Social-networking platforms include, but are not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and blogging.

Why Is It Important?

Social media is changing, developing and growing on a daily basis. It’s important to go where your consumers are, and right now consumers are looking for social interaction. Communicating via social media not only reaches your audience, but creating a social presence also helps to spread awareness about your service or product.

University Communications is responsible for fostering relationship with key stakeholders through the university’s core social media accounts.

Our office oversees the strategic plan for maintaining a positive relationship with these constituents through relevant dialogue. We also develop guidelines and recommendations for social media usage across the organization.

UC is available to provide support to the university community with their individual social media plans. We can assist with conducting research, planning and evaluation in order to help colleges, schools, departments, offices, centers and institutes effectively communicate with their individual stakeholders.

Additionally, we can assist with technical questions and issues associated with social networking.