Web Services: User Experience, Design & Presentation


What Is It?

User experience is an all-encompassing term that is broadly defined as a website visitor’s impressions and interaction based on the site’s interface, design elements, architecture, labeling and overall functionality.

All these variables affect a user’s perception of whether your site has value and is easy to use. Design includes color, typography, graphics and photos, and the combination of these building blocks can set a tone or mood for the site.

Presentation considers how the elements are placed on the site to complement and contrast one another and helps establish a prioritization of content from most to least important.

Why Is It Important?

Just as any business wants its customers to be happy, so do you want visitors to leave your site with a favorable impression. That is the essence of a positive user experience.

Certainly first impressions matter, and aesthetically appealing sites are generally going to catch visitors’ eyes and hopefully entice them to stay and visit awhile; by contrast, a poor design and presentation likely will turn off visitors and encourage them to quickly dismiss and exit your site.