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Idea Synthesis and Evaluation

A process for synthesis and evaluation of all Request for Ideas (RFIs) has been designed to include faculty, staff, and administrative comment and input. On October 8, 2019, the University's President and Provost accepted this process

The process is as follows:

1. Following the end of the open submission and comment period for RFIs, Gulf Coast Faculty Council and the Dean's Council will be asked to comment on the RFI submissions. Those comments will be referred to the Coastal Operations Leadership Team for consideration.

2. The Coastal Operations Leadership Team, after soliciting names from the campus community, has assembled a committee of faculty and staff representatives from all coastal sites to review RFIs and forward recommendations to the Coastal Operations Leadership Team.

3. The Coastal Operations Leadership Team will work with the feedback to produce recommendations that will be combined with all of our work into a final deliverable.

Coastal Operations Request for Ideas Review Process Chart