Dr. Jennifer Courts

Assistant Professor of Art History

Ph.D., Early Modern Art History, Florida State University
M.A., Medieval Art History, Florida State University
B.A., Art History, Florida State University


Brief Biography:

Jennifer Courts is a specialist of Late Medieval and Early Modern Art in Northern Europe.  She is currently finishing a book-length project, A Desire for Representation: Painting and Identity in Fifteenth-Century France, which expands on research begun for her dissertation.  Additionally, she works on issues of gender and the Early Modern art market.  Her interests include the sixteenth century court artist Caterina van Hemessen, as well as the role of women, presented as objects to be owned and displayed, in the development of Renaissance portraiture.



“Weaving Legitimacy: The Jouvenel des Ursins Family and Constructing Nobility in Fifteenth Century France,” Dressing the Part: Textiles as Propaganda in the Middle Ages, eds. Kate Dimitrova and Margaret Goehring (Turnhout: Brepols, 2015).

Le Temps Venra: Establishing Visual Legitimacy in the Petites Heures of Jean de Berry,” Comitatus 42 (September 2011), pp. .135-170.

“Wicked Wives: The Animate Vulva, Social Satire, and Fear of a Female Pilgrim,” Athanor (2006), pp. 7-13.