Dale Center Partners

           CSW&S Partners


The DCSW&S partners with the Library of Hattiesburg, Petal, and Forrest County for various events throughout the year, especially the annual War & Society Roundtable.  Center faculty occasionally offer special lectures at the Library; in the past these lectures have centered around special exhibits the Library presents to the public, such as the American Library Associations traveling exhibits on Benjamin Franklin and  the Marquis de Lafayette.

The Mississippi Armed Forces Museum (MAFM) is located at Camp Shelby, approximately 12 miles south of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The DCSW&S has a long history of partnering with the MAFM on lectures, presentations, and field experiences.  Several DCSW&S students have fulfilled internships at the Museum and we expect more internship opportunities with the Museum in the future with the advent of the History Department’s Graduate Certificate in Public History.   

The DCSW&S at Southern Miss has an excellent relationship with the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana.    The NWWII Museum is partnering with the Center to host the Society for Military History’s annual meeting in New Orleans in 2013.  In addition, several War and Society graduate students have served internships in the curatorial offices of the NWWII Museum, while a few of our students have gone on to work for the museum after graduation.

Every few years, Center faculty undertake a faculty exchange with the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, one of the leading centers for the study of War and Society in Europe and the West Point of the United Kingdom. This exchange allows Southern Miss students in Hattiesburg to gain a varied learning experience from leading figures in European Military History. Past participants have included Gary Sheffield, Paul Harris, Stephen Badsey, and Sean McKnight. The areas of specialization of exchange participants are quite varied, ranging from World War I, to Soviet Operational Art, to War and the Media.

The faculty of the DCSW&S have a strong relationship with the Society for Military History, the premier scholarly organization in the field.  DCSW&S faculty regularly go to the SMH’s annual conference, attended annually by seven hundred professors, graduate students, and prospective graduate students from around the world.  Two Center faculty members have served or currently serve on one of the governing boards of the Society, and one of our fellows was a recent nominee for vice president of the international society.  The DCSW&S at Southern Miss was pleased to be the chief host of the SMH’s annual meeting in 2013, which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana.  For more information on the meeting, click here

Located at the historic University of Birmingham, the Centre for War Studies is fast becoming one of the global leaders in the study of War and Society.  Boasting graduate programs in War Studies, First World War Studies, and Air Power Studies, the Centre has linked with the Dale Center for the Study of War & Society at Southern Miss and is looking forward to future student and faculty exchanges and research opportunities.  Professors from the two institutions already routinely work together on the summer British Studies Program and have produced several joint publications.

Housed at the University of Exeter in Cornwall, the Center for the Study of War, State, and Society studies conflict as an agent of social, political, and cultural change.  At present the University of Exeter is working with the Dale Center for the Study of War & Society at Southern Miss to provide student exchange opportunities and summer programming in Exeter for Southern Miss students.  

The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania is is the United States Army's preeminent museum and research complex, dedicated to educating and preserving the legacy of the men and women who have served their nation as soldiers.  Several DCSW&S's faculty fellows have given talks in the USAHEC's prestigious lecture series Perspectives in Military History and CSW&S faculty and students have made extensive use of the Center's research facilities.