Graduate Alumni Placement


Dale Center alum, graduate students, and faculty

attending the 2018 annual meeting of the Society for Military History in Louisville, KY


PhD Students:


Fitzmorris, John. “Bearing the ‘Double Burden; Chaplains in Combat during the Vietnam War.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest. 

Taylor, Samantha A. "'Gosh, I Miss the Cold War': Post-Cold War Foreign Policymaking in the United States, 1989–1995." Chair: Dr. Heather Stur.



Hemmis, Timothy Christopher. “Trading Identities: National Identity, Loyalty, and Backcountry Merchants in Revolutionary America, 1740 – 1816.” Chair: Dr. Kyle F. Zelner.

Bius, Joel Richard. “The Soldier and the Cigarette: 1918 – 1986.” Chair: Dr. Louis Kyriakoudes.  



Wieland, Robert Howard. “Direct Responsibility: Caspar Weinberger and the Reagan Defense Buildup.” 2013. Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest. 

Conklin, Dennis Blair. “Conflict and Controversy in the Confederate High Command: Johnston, Davis, Hood, and the Atlanta Campaign of 1864.” Chair: Dr. Susannah Ural.

  • Current Placement: Lawyer, Jackson, MS



Chappo, John Fabian. “William H. Mahone of Virginia: An Intellectual Biography, 1830-1890.” Chair: Bradley Bond.



Boler, Jaime Elizabeth. “City Under Siege: Resistance and Power in Natchez, MS 1719-1857.” Chair: Dr. Greg O’Brien.



Catino, Martin Scott. “Mussolini’s March on America: Italian-Americans and the Fascist Experience, 1922-1941.” Chair: Dr. R. Geoffrey Jensen. 



Vaughn, William Ashley. “Natchez during the Civil War.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough.

  • Current Placement: Independent Researcher in Jackson, MS



Barbier, Mary Kathryn. “D-Day Deception: Operation Fortitude and the Normandy Invasion.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Apel, John Patrick. “A Window of Opportunity: A History of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in the First Half of the Korean War.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest. 

  • Current Placement: Lawyer, Portsmouth, OH


MA Students 


Barnett, Tracy L. "Maligned 'Milish:' Mississippi Militiamen in the Civil War." Chair: Dr. Susannah J. Ural.

  • Current Placement: PhD Student at the University of Georgia 
Foster, Lisa. "'To Mississippi, Alone, Can They Look for Assistance':Confederate Welfare in Mississippi, 1861–1957." Chair: Dr. Susannah J. Ural.
  • Current Placement: Petal, MS
Lovering, Richard. "Sir Robert Thompson's Better War: The British Advisory Mission and the South Vietnamese Strategic Hamlet Program, 1961–1963." Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.
Rossi, Guido. "Italian Fellas in Olive Drab: Exploring the Experiences of Italian-American Servicemen in Sicily and Italy, 1943–1945." Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.
Schaefer, Nicholas. "For King and Country: Reconsidering the Great War Soldier in Britain, 1914–1945." Chair: Dr. Allison Abra.



Nelson, Anna Rikki. “Shaken, Not Stirred: Espionage, Fantasy, and British Masculinity during the Cold War.” Chair: Dr. Allison Abra. 



Ward, Samuel Howard. “Jackson’s Flying Dutchmen: The Significance of the Royal Netherlands Military Flying School.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

White, Ruth Poe. “A Tale of Two Cities: Vicksburg and Natchez, Mississippi during the American Civil War.” Chair: Dr. Susannah Ural.



Branstiter, Eugene Allan. “Madness, Scalawagery, and Reconstruction: Dr. William M. Compton and Civil War Era Politics.” Chair: Dr. Susannah Ural.

Foster, Aaron Edward. “Inconspicuous but Indispensable: Charles Anderson Dana as Assistant Secretary of War.” Chair: Dr. Susannah Ural.

Seal, Stephanie Anne. “Victims of Liberty: Virginia’s Response to Loyalists and Loyalism in Williamsburg, 1770 – 1781.” Chair: Dr. Kyle F. Zelner.



Riotto, Angela Maria. “Furnish the Balance: The 1863 Roots of Hard War Strategy in the American Civil War.” Chair: Dr. Susannah Ural.

Wilson, L. B. “Perception and Realities of the Irish Republican Army during the Second World War.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.



McGrew, Matthew Robert. “Beneath the Surface: American Culture and Submarine Warfare in the 20th Century.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Nicholls, Nancy Nicole. “The Last Victorian Knight: A Study of T.E. Lawrence and the Arab Revolt.” Chair: Dr. Amy Milne-Smith.



Lazenby, Kaci Joanne. “A New Road to Peace? Jimmy Carter’s Middle East Diplomacy: The Break-Up of Pan-Arabism and a New Cold War Balance of Power.” Chair: Dr. Heather Stur.



Bell, Earl William. “Sword of Reform, Sword of Evangelism: The Forging of an Evangelical Military.” Chair: Dr. Michael Neiberg.

Colbourn, Colin Michael. “Espirit de Marine Corps: The Making of the Modern Marine Corps through Public Relations, 1898-1929.” Chair: Dr. Michael Neiberg.

Hollifield, Kimberly Lanell. “Galvanizing a Nation: Political Rhetoric that Drove America Toward Civil War.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough.

Jonathan Daniel. “A Manufactured Rebellion: An Assessment of the Seizure of the West Florida Convention and the 1810 West Florida Rebellion.” Chair: Dr. Brian LaPierre.

Urbanak, Anthony Otis. “The Changing Nature of the Army As Seen Through the Lens of Enlisted Personnel Recruitment.” Chair: Dr. Michael Neiberg.



Beech, Cameron Ryan. “Men Set Apart: The Staff College, Staff Officers, and the Professionalization of the British Army’s Officer Corps.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest

Obinalli, Obinalli Kelechi. “American Foreign Policy and the Internalization of the Biafran War, 1967-1970.” Chair: Dr. Deanne S. Nuwer.



Cantrell, Kelly Elizabeth. “We Can Do It! Hollywood Feature Films, American Servicemen, and the Second World War.” Chair: Dr. Stephen Sloan.

Coleman, Rebecca Leigh. “European Violence and the Papal Dream: A Study in Medieval Peace Initiatives.” Chair: Dr. Phyllis G. Jestice.

French, Wesley Tyler. “Changes and Trends in the American Film Industry and their Impact on the Vietnam Subgenre, 1965-1990.” Chair: Dr. Bradley Bond.

Hession, William David. “Turpentining in the Piney Woods: Hattiesburg and the Naval Stores Industry.” Chair: Dr. Bradley G. Bond.



Hall, David Bradley. “Combat Medical Soldiers: US Army First Echelon Medics in the European Theater of Operations during the Second World War.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Overby, Lee T. “The Most Horrible War: The Impact of Technology, Logistics, and Disease on the Anglo-Asante War of 1873-4.” Chair: Dr. James Patterson Smith.

Stewart, Jason Andrew. “Comforting the Vanquished: A History of the Beauvoir Soldiers’ Home.” Committee Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough.



Walters, Andrew Howard. “Initiative in Command: The Learning Curve in the British Army during World War I.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.



Cates, Joseph E. “The Fight for an Independent Army: Amalgamation and the AEF in the First World War.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

  • Oral History Coordinator at Sullivan Museum & History Center at Norwich University

Davis, Edward Harold. “Guadalcanal, 7 August 1942- 26 October 1942. (1) The Battle of the Tenaru River, 21 August 1942, (2) The Battle of Bloody Ridge, 12-14 September 1942, (3) The Battle of Henderson Field and the Lunga River, 24-26 October 1942.” Chair: Dr. Louis M. Kyriakoudes.

Hudson, Janet Maria. “The Hub City Home Front: Women of Hattiesburg, Mississippi during World War II.” 2002. Chair: Dr. Marjorie Julian Spruill.

Loicano, Martin. “An Analysis of the Failure of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.



Spencer, David Brett. “Sword of Ulysses: The Unconditional Surrender Doctrine and the Rise of American Imperialism.” Chair: Dr. Kenneth G. McCarty.



Monday, Steve. “The Troubled Color Line: Race Relations in Jackson, Mississippi during World War II.” Chair: Dr. Neil R. McMillen.

Williams, Benjamin Shawn. “Stuck in the Middle: Kentucky Politics and the Confederate Invasion of 1862.” Chair: Dr. James Patterson Smith.



Kimball, Larry Scott. “British Volunteers in World War I: Changing Attitudes and Perceptions”. Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.



Dougal, Ian. “Gunboat Democracy: American Exceptionalism and the Military Interventions in Grenada (1983) and Panama (1989).” Chair: Dr. Kenneth G. McCarty.

Huff, Edward Eugene. “British and American Policy toward Italian Territorial Claims in the First World War.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.



Adams, Owen E. Jr. “Confederate Major General Robert E. Rodes: A Civil War Biography.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough.

McDonald, Sam Dawson. “The Civil Thorn: Congressman Ross Collins and the American Military, 1921-1943.” Chair: Dr. Kenneth G. McCarty.

Patterson, Steven. “The Forgotten Army: Morale Problems of the British Fourteenth Army in India during World War II.” Chair: Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Stewart, Paula.  “Villain of the Peace: The Career and Image of James Longstreet in Southern History.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough.



McLain, Robert A. “At His Majesty’s Request: The Indian Army Corps on the Western Front, 1914-1915.” Chair: Dr. L. Margaret Barnett. 



Kelly, James R. Jr. “The Confederate Ironclad Program and the Defense of the West.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough.

O’Connor, Patrick Joseph. “To Destroy or Create: American Occupation Policy for Japan, 1945-1952.” Chair: Dr. Kenneth G. McCarty.

Tuepker, John Lee. “The Effects of World War II on Blacks in Harrison County, Mississippi.” Chair: Dr. Neil R. McMillen.

Vaughn, WA. “The Black Militia in the Battle of New Orleans.” Chair: Dr. John Guice.

Zhang, Kemin. “Why They Fought?— An Analysis of the Motives of Non-slaveholding Whites toward the Civil War.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough. 



Snell, William Halsey Jr. “Union and Confederate Treatment of Prisoners of War during the American Civil War.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough.



Gunn, Mark E. “The Magnolia Cross: The Role of Mississippi Chaplains during the Civil War.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough.

Wedding, Stephen E. “Sherman’s Meridian Expedition: Modern Warfare in Mississippi.” Chair: Dr. William K. Scarborough