Masters Programs

American and European History with a War & Society Emphasis

MA candidates with an interest in War & Society topics can pursue a degree in American History, European History, or War and Society.  The programs in American or European are more general degrees which allow students to pursue a minor field in War & Society and write their MA thesis on a War & Society topic. Students thinking about pursuing the Ph.D. degree in the future are encouraged to enroll in these programs. Students take a number of core classes in the methods and practices of History as well as specific historiographical courses in either American or European History. In addition, students in these programs take a comprehensive exam, prepare one foreign language, and write a Master’s thesis.   

For more information on specific requirements for these programs, see the Graduate Bulletin.


War & Society Master of Arts

Designed for those students who want a degree specifically in the fields of War & Society or Military History, this program is ideal for those aspiring to careers in the military, in government or foreign service, with academic and defense policy institutes, or those who want to go on to more specialized higher education opportunities.  Students in the War & Society MA Program will complete the following degree requirements:

1. Successful completion of thirty-three (33) semester hours (18 hours of 600 level or higher) as follows:

  • Twelve (12) hours of core courses: HIS 710, HIS 711 or HIS 712; HIS 720, HIS 725 or HIS 726; and HIS 722 (War & Society Historiography).
  • At least twelve (12) hours of War and Society content courses selected from the following: HIS 502, HIS 514, HIS 516, HIS 517, HIS 530, HIS 532, HIS 533, HIS 537, HIS 556, HIS 558, HIS 561, HIS 563, HIS 565, HIS 566, HIS 573, HIS 574, HIS 585 (may be repeated for a total of 9 hours), HIS 599, HIS 736 (may be repeated for a total of 9 hours), HIS 774, HIS 799. Depending on the course topic, these classes might also be acceptable. The permission of the department's graduate coordinator is needed to use these courses: HIS 578, HIS 579, HIS 580, HIS 581, HIS 582, HIS 583, HIS 731, HIS 732, HIS 733, HIS 734, HIS 735, HIS 740, HIS 745, HIS 772, HIS 773.
  • Six (6) hours of minor field coursework in history. If the minor field is in American or European History, the historiography course from requirement AIII above may count as three (3) of these minor field credit hours.

2. Plan of Study. Students must submit their signed, official Plan of Study Form to the Graduate School by the end of the first semester they are enrolled.  

3. Students seeking a Master of Arts degree must write and defend a thesis, which will confer six (6) hours of credit within the minimum hourly requirements.

4. A reading knowledge of one foreign language.

5. During the final year of study, the student will take a comprehensive written examination.

6. A 3.0 GPA is required for graduation. 

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