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Battalion Commander contracting a new cadet into the Army ROTC Program  

Welcome Message
LTC Joseph E. Worley, Jr. 
Professor of Military Science


Thanks for visiting the Southern Miss Army ROTC Web page. I'm the head of the department - what we call the Professor of Military Science.

I'm responsible for our program and I think we've got a good one.

The primary objective of the ROTC program is to commission the United States Army’s future officer leadership. 

There are many reasons to join Army ROTC. Let me tell you a little about five of them:

1.  We teach leadership. Whether you decide to become a full-time Army officer or pursue a civilian career, you will benefit from the ROTC training on decision-making, supervising, prioritization, time management, communication skills, interacting with other people, and delegating. These skills make you marketable in any setting.

2.  Army ROTC offers you a guaranteed job. Upon receiving your degree and completing the program, you will be commissioned as an Army officer. You will enter either on active duty or Mississippi National Guard or Army Reserve.  This is based on your performance and the Army’s requirements.

3.  We offer financial aid. We can help you pay for college.  We have two, three, and four year scholarships as well as monthly stipends of up to $500. 

4.  Army ROTC prepares you to serve your country. America has been made safe by generations of soldiers. The sense of fulfillment and pride that comes from doing your part to protect and preserve our way of life is nothing short of awesome.

5.  The Army is a genuinely good organization made up of caring people who want to make a difference. We live by the Seven Army Values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. The Army is an organization of which you will be proud to be a part.