Drug and Alcohol Program

ATCC-FFM-SSM                                                                                                                   24 August 2011  



MEMORANDUM FOR Cadre, University of Southern Mississippi


SUBJECT: Policy Memorandum #9, Drug and Alcohol Program



1.  There is no place in the Army, including ROTC, for the abuse of drugs or alcohol.  It affects the morale, discipline, health, and safety of not only our Soldiers and civilian employees, but also their Families, friends, and coworkers.


2.  I will not tolerate consumption of alcohol when underage.


3.  Common sense is a must when dealing with alcohol at parties or other social gatherings.


4.  Never operate a motor vehicle when consuming alcoholic beverages and always use a “Designated Driver”. 


5.  I will not tolerate illegal drug abuse.  I will process any member of this organization to the fullest extent possible as governed by the appropriate regulations. 


a.       Officers – Chapter 4, AR 600-8-24, Officer Transfers and Discharges.


b.      Enlisted - Chapter 14-12, AR 635-200, Enlisted Personnel.


c.       Civilians – Federal or state law as applicable.


6.  Those individuals with drug or alcohol problems will be referred to the Work Well Clinic located behind Wesley Medical Center for testing.  If an individual is identified as having a problem, he/she will be directed to numerous counseling and support programs within the community or at the University. 


7.  The Battalion will conduct random 100% urinalysis testing at least once a year.  It will be conducted at 632 Forrest Ave, Camp Shelby, MS 39407-5500. 


8.  POC is the undersigned, 601-266-4460.






                                                                            JOSEPH E. WORLEY, JR.

                                                                            LTC, AG
                                                                            Professor of Military Science