Spring 2016 Deadlines

Class Dates
  • Mini Session: January 4th - 15th
  • Full Term: January 19th - May 6th
  • 8W1: January 19th - March 11th
  • 8W2: March 21 - May 6th
Last Day to add/drop without Academic/Financial Penalty
  • Mini Session: January 4th
  • Full Term: January 26th
  • 8W1: January 21st
  • 8W2: March 23rd
Last day to receive 100% refund
  • Mini Session: January 4th
  • Full Term: January 26th
  • 8W1: January 21st
  • 8W2: March 23rd
Last day to drop classes without instructor permission
  • Mini Session: January 4th
  • Full Term: January 26th
  • 8W1: January 21st
  • 8W2: March 23rd
All approved drops will result in grade of “W” within these dates
  • Mini Session: January 5th - 12th
  • Full Term: January 27th - April 7th
  • 8W1: January 22nd - February 24th
  • 8W2: March 24th - April 22nd
Last day to make and add/drop course request or withdraw from the University and receive a grade of “W”
  • Mini Session: January 12th
  • Full Term: April 7th
  • 8W1: February 24th
  • 8W2: April 22nd
After the last day to withdraw from the University, students are academically obligated and will receive a grade for all enrolled courses.

Bragging Rights

Congratulations to our faculty and students who make us proud!

  • Destini Williams, winner of the English Department's Gwendolyn Brooks Award for an Original Poem at the "For My People" poetry event. 
  • Deja Moore, winner of the Frances Harper Award for the Delivery of a Historical Poem at the "For My People" poetry event. 
  • Professor Emeritus Dr. Philip Kolin has published a new book of 50 poems entitled Emmett Till in Different States. The book commemorates the 60th anniversary of Till's savage murder that ignited the Civil Rights Movement
  • Dr. Rebecca Morgan Frank has published her latest poetry collection, The Spokes of Venus.
  • Dr. Rebecca Powellcoordinator of Live Oak Writing Project. This is a collaborative program of The University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Park campus and Mississippi coastal schools and it's purpose is to help teachers improve as writers and effective teachers of writing. Read more about the project here
  • Mary Ryan Karnes, mentored by Andrew Milward, won the 2015-2016 SPUR (Scholars Program for Undergraduate Research) Award.

Spring 2016 Event Dates

Thursday, February 4th
"For My People": A Celebration of 250 Years of Black American Poetry
12:00pm - 1:00pm @ RC's Lounge in the Student Union
Friday, February 12th
Poetry reading and book signing celebrating Rebecca Morgan Frank’s The Spokes of Venus
T-Bones @ 8:00pm
Wednesday, March 2nd
Visiting Writer's Series welcomes Antonya Nelson
7:30pm @ LAB 108 
Wednesday, March 9th
Pre-performance Talk Series
Sunday, April 3rd
Pre-performance Talk Series
Moby Dick - Rehearsed
Wednesday, April 13th
Visiting Writer's Series
National Poetry Month Event
Featuring: Adam Clay, Ada Limon, & Michael Robins
7:30pm @ LAB 108
Sunday, May 1st
Pre-performance Talk Series
The Seagull