History & Purpose



That our collective action shall parallel The University of Southern Mississippi's values by seeking to uplift the community, enrich the lives of our members, promote collegiality among and between our peers, and bring favor and distinction to our alma mater.

Greek Life at Southern Miss will be recognized as a distinguished program among its peers.

Shared Values
As we seek to be distinguished, we acknowledge that we have several values in common, which are:

Responsibility: Being aware that your actions influence the greater good. When demonstrated, we become more accountable to the lofty ideals we espouse and gain the credibility we aspire to. 
 Character: That our personal, social, and group character be in congruence so as to personify honesty toward others and integrity in the face of daily adversity.
 Leadership: Purposeful, directed action toward a common set of objectives intended to leave a person, group, situation, or circumstance in a better condition than that, in which, it was found.
 Brotherhood and Sisterhood: Fostering relationships rooted in genuine care and concern for others. These friendships are a the core of who we are and what we do.
 Philanthropy: Assisting the community around us through volunteering and raising money. Through this commitment, we become engaged in local and national efforts to help others improve the community.
 Tradition: Recognizing that our rich heritage shapes how we experience membership in a fraternity/sorority. We understand that others have come before us, and others will come after.
 Ritual: Treasuring a set of ceremonies which demonstrate and illuminate a framework of aspirations unlocking the secret wisdom of becoming a better person. Recalling these lessons on a daily basis reminds us of our solemn promises and duty to fellow person and community.  
 Respect and Class: Remembering that Southern life and culture requires a prevalent degree of sophistication, maturity, and social graces. When demonstrated, we give and earn the respect of others. 


Elevator Speech