Policy STUA-PM-004

Responsible University Administrator:Vice President for Finance and Administration
Responsible Officer:Director of Parking Management
Origination Date:N/A
Current Revision Date:07/09/14
Next Review Date:07/09/17
End of Policy Date:N/A
Policy Number:STUA-PM-004



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Policy Statement

Southern Miss considers parking a privilege that may be revoked temporarily or permanently for justifiable reasons. Notice will be given to individuals whose privileges have been revoked.   Written notice will be sent to the individual’s address of record with the university. Violations of this notice will result in immediate booting or towing.


Reason for Policy/Purpose

This policy is required for the effective communication of university policy regarding parking and driving regulation on campus as well as the appeal process and possible penalties


Who Needs to Know This Policy

All members of The University of Southern Mississippi community.  


Website Address for this Policy






a nontransferable windshield sticker, bumper sticker, metal tag or other marking normally used to identify the owners of vehicles or the vehicle itself and the permitted zone.


a portable parking permit identifying the individual and zone.

parking permit

a written authorization for an individual to park a vehicle on the campus in a specified parking zone. Parking permits will be valid for one year and will expire August 15 of each calendar year. Exceptions: Retiree parking permits are non-expiring, and Honor Club parking permits expire every two years.

facualty member

anyone who is employed full-time or part-time by The University of Southern Mississippi, whether under contract or not, for the purpose of teaching or instructing students or anyone working on the campus in a faculty capacity.  This does not include graduate assistants, graduate research assistants or graduate fellowship students

staff member

anyone who is employed full-time, part-time or temporarily by Southern Miss to perform services other than instructing students.


anyone, other than faculty or staff members, who is enrolled at Southern Miss for the purpose of receiving instruction.

retired faculty/staff

who want regular access to campus must purchase a retiree parking permit. The permit is renewable annually.

motor vehicle

any automobile, truck, motorcycle or motorbike. 


are all motorized devices used for transporting of people and materials, including, but not limited to, cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. 


any person, other than a student, faculty/staff member or employee who parks a vehicle on the campus on infrequent occasions. Visitors may obtain visitor permits and park in legal parking spaces. Visitors who park frequently on the campus must purchase parking permits and are subject to all regulations herein.

proper display of parking permit 

is the driver’s responsibility. Once a parking permit is issued, it shall be displayed in accordance with the instructions printed on the permit. (See vehicle registration Section 2, subparagraph 2.6.) Vehicles should display only one type of permit at one time. Decals for motorcycles will be affixed in accordance with vehicle registration Section 2, subparagraph 2.6.


also referred to as an “automobile immobilizer,” is a mechanical device that can be affixed to any wheel on a motor vehicle for the purpose of temporarily immobilizing the vehicle. 

metered parking 

limited-time parking that is regulated by a parking meter. 


a light, two-wheeled/three-wheeled vehicle with a steering handle, saddle and pedals. 


a two-wheeled/three-wheeled automotive vehicle. 



Notice will be given to individuals whose privileges have been revoked.   Written notice will be sent to the individual’s address of record with the university. Violations of this notice will result in immediate booting or towing.



Faculty/staff and students are asked to register online at www.usm.edu/parking before obtaining a parking permit.


Faculty/staff, employees and students, full-time or part-time, who operate a motor vehicle on university-controlled property, regularly or occasionally, will be required to purchase a DPM parking permit. Any vehicle parked on university-controlled property must display a valid DPM parking permit.


Faculty/staff and students with permanent or temporary disabilities who may require handicapped parking access will be required to submit a copy of a state-issued handicapped placard to the Department of Parking Management (DPM). Each individual will be required to register and purchase a university handicapped parking permit to accompany the state handicapped placard.


Visitors will obtain and display visitor permits. All visitors must show a valid driver’s license to obtain a visitor pass.


All faculty/staff and students will be allowed one (one-day) temporary parking pass per semester at no cost. A valid driver’s license will be required for issuance. For additional days, a temporary pass can be purchased. (See vehicle registration Section 2, subparagraph 2.19.)


Hangtags and decals are valid only when properly displayed. Display the hangtag unobstructed from the rearview mirror with the university logo facing outward. Decals must be permanently affixed, using only the permit’s adhesive, to the inside of the front windshield on the passenger side in the lower right-hand corner. Motorcycle permits must be affixed to the rear fender. If this is not possible, the decal must be affixed where it can be easily seen.


Only those parking permits issued by The University of Southern Mississippi Parking Management, Gulf Park and Gulf Coast Research Laboratory campuses will be honored.


Faculty/staff members, full-time or part-time, will be issued only one parking permit (must show valid Southern Miss faculty/staff ID). Special accommodations will be made for permanently open vehicles where a hangtag is not practical. Dependents, such as students, spouses and student office staff employees are not authorized to use faculty/staff parking permits.


Students who are full-time or part-time will be issued one decal per vehicle in an academic year (must show valid Southern Miss student ID).


All faculty and staff employees who are full-time, part-time, regular or temporary will be eligible for faculty/staff parking permits. Those employees who are hired on a temporary basis will be required to pay for their permits in full upon issuance of permit.  Faculty/staff who are regular will pay through payroll deduction.


Any person who reports a permit or decal lost or stolen must re-register to obtain another permit.


Faculty/staff and students who have been terminated/withdrawn from the university will be reimbursed one-half the cost of the parking registration fee only if requested within 30 days of the issue date.


The university will reimburse faculty/staff and students for up to 60 days for any     billing errors that may have occurred.


Citation payments can be processed online at www.usm.edu/parking. (See penalties       Section 7, subparagraph 7.11.)


Citations issued with a permit number will be charged to the person to whom the original permit was issued. Citations issued to a vehicle will be charged to the driver/owner.


Any person falsifying a permit will be subject to towing and fined double the normal citation and towing fees. In addition, parking privileges will be revoked. (See penalties Section 7, subparagraph 7.3, 7.4.)


All contractors are required to obtain parking permits for their employees’ privately owned vehicles if the employee is parking on campus. This requirement does not apply to company-owned vehicles. Companies shall submit a letter (mail or fax) to the Department of Parking Management requesting the number of parking permits needed. Parking permits will be issued to the individual. Contractor employees who bring privately owned vehicles to campus are expected to abide by and follow the university parking regulations (see General Information).


Outsourced employees (i.e., Aramark, Barnes and Noble) will be issued one permit at the same price as a faculty/staff permit, which must be paid for at the time of registration.  These employees will be responsible for their fines. Failure to pay fines could result in vehicle immobilization.


Annual registration fees for parking permits are as follows:

The cost of the parking permit is based on an employee’s salary.

Faculty, staff and handicap                                                        

Employees making $24,000 or less                                  $  81

Employees making more than $24,000                             $144

Contractor/Vendor                                                      $  75

Students and handicap                                                $144

Lucas and Polymer gated lots                                        $396

Retired Faculty/Staff                                                   $  75

Summer semester                                                       $  35

Bicycles/Motorcycles                                                   $  20 - per academic year

Bicycles/Motorcycles                                                   $  50 - non-expiring


Temporary/special permits:

                       1 to 10 weekdays                                $  10                                      

                       11 to 15 weekdays                              $  15

                       16 to 20 weekdays                              $  20

                       More than 20 weekdays                        $ 75


The annual parking fee can be payroll-deducted over a nine-month period. This period will be from September through May of each year. Additionally, this fee is one that is a pre-tax deduction lowering taxable income. In order to take advantage of spreading the deductions over a nine-month period, you must register for your decal during the open registration period ending August 31, 2014.  Any parking decals bought after that date will be divided over two paychecks. After 10 working days from the beginning of each semester, Southern Miss will charge a $5 late fee for vehicle registration, with the exception of newly hired employees.


Upon termination of employment, faculty/staff must return their permits to the Department of Parking Management and pay all outstanding fines. Exceptions to this section apply to wrecked or traded vehicles and vehicles that have had windshields replaced; owners should provide documentation that states the hangtag (or decal) has been destroyed.


Any faculty/staff or student who changes place of residence or employment status must obtain the appropriate parking permit within two working days by returning his/her permit for exchange or replacement.


Any faculty/staff or student who sells or trades a vehicle must obtain the appropriate parking permit within two working days by returning his/her permit for exchange or replacement.


Any faculty/staff or student who has a windshield replaced or vehicle that has been totaled must provide documentation from a glass or insurance company in order to obtain a new permit.


faculty/staff or student who sells or gives a vehicle to another faculty/staff or student must provide proper documentation to show exchange of ownership.



COMMUTER ZONE: Commuting students


RESIDENT ZONE: Resident halls


FACULTY/STAFF: Full-time/part-time faculty and staff.  Vehicles properly displaying faculty/staff parking permits may park in faculty/staff, commuter and open zones.


LUCAS RESERVE: Lucas Reserve lot only


POLYMER RESERVE: Polymer Reserve lot only


PINE HAVEN ZONE: Residents of Pine Haven apartments (Reserved parking area that requires a DPM parking permit sticker)


VILLAGE: Residents of the Village housing (Reserved parking area that requires a DPM parking permit sticker)


FRATERNITY: Residents of fraternity housing (Reserved parking area that requires a DPM parking permit sticker)


HANDICAP: Limited to those who have been authorized to display, and who properly display, a state-issued handicapped permit on his/her vehicle and a Southern Miss parking permit. Handicapped parking is available in areas designated commuter, resident, faculty/staff, open, handicapped and meter parking, provided the meter fee is paid.


OPEN ZONE: To be used only by vehicles properly displaying a valid DPM parking permit (includes parking garage)


BICYCLE/MOTORCYCLE PADS: Parking for bicycles/motorcycles properly displaying a valid DPM parking permit


SERVICE ZONES: Limited to marked university vehicles, off-campus delivery vehicles, contractor vehicles displaying valid permits, and vehicles with special permits allowing   Service Zone parking



Parking zone restrictions will be enforced from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays when Saturday is a designated class day.


Parking permits must be properly displayed 24 hours a day.


No Parking zones include service zones, fire lanes, fire hydrants, handicapped parking,       

handicapped curb cuts, reserved parking, sidewalks/grounds, no parking tow-away zones and obstructing traffic, which will be enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Vehicles will park only in areas designated and marked as parking areas in such a manner, at such places, and for such time as indicated herein and on signs. Signs      supersede these written regulations.


No vehicle will park in any area on the campus in excess of posted time limits.


No vehicle shall be parked on or outside visibly marked parking lanes.


No vehicle shall be parked facing the flow of traffic.


Metered parking will be available to everyone without restrictions, provided the meter fee is paid.


University vehicles are not permitted to park in handicapped spaces, curb cuts, fire lanes, near fire hydrants, no parking tow-away zones and meter parking.



In addition to the traffic laws of the state of Mississippi, the following university regulations are enforced by the University Police Department on the Hattiesburg campus. A citation issued for a traffic violation will include a $75 fine with the exception of a smoking violation, which will carry a $50 fine, and noise violation, which will carry a $100 fine.


Stop Signs: A vehicle shall come to a complete halt at stop signs and remain stationary until it is safe to proceed.


Reckless Endangerment: No vehicle shall be operated in any manner that             endangers the life or safety of the driver, passengers, pedestrians or others.


Speed Limit: The maximum speed limit is 20 miles per hour, except in areas with lower limits posted.


Yield: Vehicles will yield to other vehicles having right-of-way.


Directing Traffic: Vehicle operators must obey the lawful directions of a university police officer.


One-Way Streets: Vehicles will be operated only in the direction indicated by one-way   signs, unless directed to do otherwise by a university police officer.


Driving Areas: Vehicles will be driven only on streets designated for that purpose.   Driving and parking is not permitted on areas designated for pedestrians or on lawn areas, unless directed to do so by a university police officer.


Barricades: Vehicles will observe barricade instructions, unless directed otherwise by a university police officer.


Pedestrian Crosswalks: Vehicles will yield to pedestrians in marked crosswalks.


Bicycle Traffic: Vehicle operators will share the roadways with bicycle operators and respect their rights to roadway access.


Noise: Vehicle operators will observe the university’s noise ordinance. Public address will be by permit only.


U-turns: U-turns are not permitted on university streets unless directed by a university police officer.


Transportation Means: Skates, skateboards and in-line skates may be used on the campus as a means of transportation. They will not be operated on streets except while crossing. They will not be operated in a careless, dangerous or reckless manner.


Bicycle Operators: Bicycles will be operated on streets (when available) moving in the same direction as the flow of vehicular traffic. Obey the rules of the road for bicycles.  When only pedestrian areas are available, proceed slowly, yielding to pedestrians.


Small Vehicles: Vehicle operators will exercise caution when encountering small vehicles on university streets. Small vehicle operators will exercise caution and yield to pedestrians when on and off streets.


No Smoking in University Vehicles – This includes any automobile, truck, van, bus or golf cart owned or leased by the university. To view designated smoking areas, go to  www.usm.edu/student-health-services/smoking-policy.




Faculty/staff and students are preferably asked to submit all appeals online at www.usm.edu/parking.


Any individual receiving a parking or traffic citation may request a hearing regarding the citation. Students shall have a hearing before a student judicial board. Faculty and staff members shall have a hearing before a staff board. The following reasons are NOT acceptable grounds for dismissing a parking or traffic citation:

a.    Ignorance of regulations

b.    Inability to find a legal parking space

c.    No space available

d.    Inclement weather

  1. Late for class
  2. Improperly displayed decal
  3. Failure to purchase a decal
  4. Permit used by another person
  5. Not displaying a decal


Requests for a parking violation hearing must be made within 5 calendar days of issuance of the citation. Student hearings will be held weekly during fall and spring semesters. During the summer semester, student hearings will be held once a month. Faculty and staff hearings will be held each month that school is in session full-time. The time and place of the hearing is available through the Department of Parking Management online. The board(s) may make a decision based upon the written request with or without the presence of the alleged violator. The ruling of the board(s) may be appealed to the Parking Management Committee in writing within 5 calendar days from the decision of the board(s). The decision from the Parking Management Committee is final.


A person requesting a hearing may be present at his or her parking violation hearing and may present information as permitted by the board(s) regarding the citation:

  1. Parking violations “Request for Hearing” cases where the alleged violator wishes to be present are decided by the board(s) at the hearing.
  2. A diagram or other pertinent information describing details concerning the citation may be submitted to the Department of Parking Management office.
  3. Tickets are considered pending during the parking violation hearing process. (See penalties, Section 7, subparagraph 7.7.) 
  4. The board(s) will hear the matter and render a decision.  The board(s) may

(1) find that a parking violation occurred and impose the appropriate penalty;

(2) find that no parking violation occurred and dismiss the citation; or

(3) suspend half or all of the fine imposed as a result of a finding of fact in the hearing.


The decision of the board(s) is transmitted to the alleged violator at the address supplied online.




All parking violations carry an administrative penalty of $25, $50, $100, $125, $150 and $200. (See penalties Section 7, subparagraph 7.11.)


After the second violation of any traffic regulation within a school year, the penalty for each subsequent violation is double the original penalty with the exception of handicap.  Handicap will increase to the maximum penalty fee of $500.


Altered or obliterated parking permits will be voided, and no refund will be allowed. It will be necessary to purchase a new parking permit.


Any person falsifying a permit/handicapped placard or who uses a lost, stolen or fraudulent permit will be subject to doubling of the fine and towing fee, a $200 penalty and referred to the Dean of Students office for disciplinary action.


Any Southern Miss employee or student who allows the use of a reported lost/stolen  parking permit will be subject to a $200 penalty.


After 10 working days from the beginning of each semester, Southern Miss will charge a $5 late fee for vehicle registration.


Violators who have a vehicle booted will be assessed a $75 boot fee. Violators who have a vehicle towed will be assessed a $100 tow fee. Violators who have a motorcycle towed will be assessed a $100 tow fee. Violators who have a bicycle cut removal or impoundment will be assessed a $25 fee. In addition, a $10 per day storage fee will be assessed while the vehicle is in storage.  Any vehicle that has been booted or towed, the individual is required to pay the entire account in full before the vehicle is released.  Faculty, staff and students are not allowed to charge to student account or payroll deduction.  The method of payment will be cash, VISA or MasterCard.


The unauthorized removal of a boot or vehicle from the impound yard will subject the registered owner/driver to a $200 fine plus restoration for any damage to DPM property and referral to the Dean of Students office for disciplinary action.


Outstanding parking tickets or traffic tickets can be paid at the Department of Parking Management or online. Boots, tows and storage fees will be paid at the Department of Parking Management office in room 152 of McLemore Hall during regular office hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., or by mail to the Department of Parking Management, 118 College Drive #5149, Hattiesburg, MS  39406-0001. After normal business hours, tickets, boots, tows and storage fees will be paid at the University Police Department in Bond Hall (first floor, west end). It is the responsibility of the student, faculty or staff member to make sure all fines are paid at the end of each semester.


Faculty and staff who do not pay outstanding penalties will have such penalties withheld from their payroll.



Unauthorized removal of a boot or vehicle from the impound lot




Displaying a lost, stolen or fraudulent permit












Bicycle cut removal or impoundment




Handicapped parking violation


Third violation


Curb cut (handicapped ramp) violation


Third violation


Fire lane violation


Third violation


Blocking fire hydrant violation


Third violation


Parking on sidewalks/grounds


Third violation


Service Zone violation


Third violation


No display of decal violation


Third violation


Obstructing traffic


Third violation


No Parking Zone violation


Third violation


Reserved parking violation


Third violation


False/Inaccurate Information




Expired decal violation


Third violation


Facing flow of traffic violation


Third violation


Improper display of decal


Third violation


Overtime meter parking


Third violation


Wrong zone


Third violation


Storage fees


per day





The rules and regulations herein promulgated shall become effective only after notice of enactment of the same has been published in three consecutive issues of the university newspaper and in a newspaper having a general circulation in the county and municipality where The University of Southern Mississippi is located. Such notice shall state where the full text of such rules and regulations may be found on file. In addition, such rules and regulations shall be posted on five bulletin boards at the university for a period of four weeks after their promulgation. (Miss.Code Ann.§ 37-105-3)


These rules and regulations are enacted by the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning, state of Mississippi, and effective from and after August 15, 2014.



The Director of Parking Management is responsible for the review of this policy every four years (or whenever circumstances require immediate review). 








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