About Us

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Department of Parking Management Web site. The Department of Parking Management is an organization within the Office of Finance and Administration that supports the university’s vision, strategies and goals by providing customer service with professionalism, accountability and teamwork. In providing our services to the university community, we are committed to honesty and resourcefulness.

The Department of Parking Management is responsible for overseeing the multiple aspects of traffic and parking for The University of Southern Mississippi campus, including control, enforcement and coordinated maintenance and improvements of all parking areas on campus. Maintenance encompasses painting, signage and repairs associated with traffic control and pedestrian safety. Other responsibilities include operation of the Information Booth and meter parking dispersed throughout campus.  

Mission Statement

The Department of Parking Management 's mission is to provide leadership, direction and information to our campus community by managing all parking related-issues on campus. We provide high-quality responsive support services and communication in a courteous, cheerful and friendly manner to our faculty, staff, students and visitors.