Staff Directory

Procurement Services consists of Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Travel, Contracts, Receiving and Property Accounting offices. Below is the general assignment of responsibilities to our personnel. These may vary from time to time depending upon the workload and personnel reassignments.


Director of Procurement & Contract Services

Steve Ballew, 601.266.4131

Contract Services

Jacob Cochran, Associate Director of Procurement & Contract Services, 601.266.6904

USM Contracted Service Management - Bookstore, Dining, Science Storeroom, Auxiliaries

- Post Office & Vending, Photo Services, Image Center


Becky Holder, Buyer/Procurement Card Administrator, 601.266.4132
  • Pcard Administrator         
  • Resolve Training & Setup 
  • Equipment Rental Contracts        
  • Event Related Purchases 
  • Consultant Payments/Reimbursements 
  • Entertainers, etc. 
  • Group Travel
  • Furniture               
  • Insurance          
  • Maintenance Agreements             
  • Office Supplies (State Contract)   
  • Personal Service Agreements   
  • Printing and Related Items      
  • Advertisements 
  • Awards & Trophies 
  • Binding 
  • Novelty Items 
  • Printing 
  • Uniforms and Apparel


Heather Hendrix, Buyer, 601.266.4133
  • Architectural/Engineering Services
  • Construction Services
  • Landscaping and Land Improvement
  • Land Appraisal Services
  • Exterior Architectural/Wayfinding Signage 
  • Printer Ink, Toner and Maintenance Kits  
  •  Books and Instructional Supplies
  •  Dues     
  •  Subscriptions     
  •  Food     
  •  Paper & Paper Products 
  •  Physical Plant, Residence Life & Contract Services              
  •  Air Conditioners & Appliances
  •  Building Maintenance Materials & Supplies
  •  Carpet
  •  Hardware, Electrical & Plumbing Supplies
  •  Food Service Equipment
  •  Janitorial Supplies & Equipment
  •  Laundry Chemicals & Supplies
  •  Lawn and Garden Supplies & Equipment


Modist Jones, Buyer, 601.266.5174
  • Requisition Training

    Scientific Supplies/Equipment

    Athletic Supplies & Equipment

    Marine Equipment

    Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

    Medical Equipment and Supplies

    Music and Musical Instruments

    Standing Orders

    Audio Visual Equipment

    Fleet Manual/Fuelman

    Cell Phones

    iTech and Technology Related items

    Computer Hardware

    Computer Software

    Software Licensing

    Telecommunications Equipment

    Vehicles and Related Items

    Automotive Supplies

    Golf Carts/Mules


    Tires and Tubes


Jo Berry, Vendor Maintenance Specialist, 601.266.5183

New Vendor Entry and Vendor Maintenance

Procurement Card Review

Resolve Inquiry


Procurement Liasion, 601.266.5183

Bid Typing and Processing

Bid Advertising

P-1 Typing and Processing

Inventory Deletions Typing and Processing

Purchase Order Processing

Purchase Order Inquiry



Deidi Rodrigue, Purchasing Clerk, 601.266.4131

Main Telephone

General Questions



Accounts Payable & Travel

Shelia Sims, Manager Accounts Payable & Travel, 601.266.5668

1099 Misc

Petty Cash

A/P & Travel Problem Resolution

Angela Thomson, Accounts Payable Specialist, 601.266.6310

Remittance Voucher Entry

Employee Reimbursement

Wire Transfers

Sandra Howard, Accounts Payable Specialist, 601.266.4098

Invoice Entry Hattiesburg Campus PO's Vendors A-L

Invoice Entry All Gulf Coast Research Laboratory


Gwen Hill, Accounts Payable Specialist, 601.266.4061

Invoice Entry Hattiesburg Campus PO's Vendors


Invoice Entry All Gulf Coast Campus PO's

Rayonne Grant, Travel Coordinator, 601.266.4131


Foreign Travel

Employees A-L

Nicky Harrison, Assistant Travel Coordinator, 601.266.4131



Property Control

Physical Address: USM Property Control Division 2609 West 4th Street Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Mailing Address: USM Property Control Division 118 College Drive# 5086 Hattiesburg, MS 39406

Donnie Robbins, Property Control Manager, 601.266.4302

Audra Williams, Property Accounting Supervisor, 601.266.4439

Charles Thompson, Senior Property Clerk, 601.266.6274

Becky Riles, Inventory Clerk, 601.266.4658





7:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Other Areas

Michael Moss, Business Analyst, 601.266.6491

SOAR-FIN Data Management

System Process Review

Workflow Administrator

Cathy Catchot, Purchasing Manager Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, (228) 872-4245

GCLAB Purchasing and Receiving