Starting Fall 2014, new Academic and Financial Deadlines and new Academic Policies.

Friday, Aug. 22 - Last day to add/drop (8W1) classes without instructor permission
Last day to drop (8W1) classes and receive 100% financial credit

Saturday, Aug. 23 - Saturday classes begin

Wednesday, Aug. 27 -Last day to drop full-semester classes and receive 100% financial credit
Last day to add/drop full-term classes without instructor permission

Thursday, Aug. 28 - No financial credit given for full-semester classes starting this date
Grade of W issued for courses dropped starting this date
(All approved drops between Aug. 28-Oct. 31 will be issued a grade of W)

Monday, Sept. 1 - LABOR DAY HOLIDAY (day and night classes do not meet)


























Fall 2014 Calendar



New Functionality – Online Request for Late Add/Late Drop

Students may now initiate a “Late Add/Late Drop” request through a special permission request link via their SOAR account. The special permission request is intended to assist students and faculty with an efficient and auditable process for reviewing enrollment requests after the standard registration periods.  The attached instructions includes a guide for students, faculty, and departmental administrators.