Brad Dufrene

Associate Professor


Research Interests

Functional Behavior Assessment, Treatment Integrity in Applied Settings, & Peer Mediated Intervention Strategies 


Current Teaching

  • PSY 374 Educational Psychology
  • PSY 432 Behavioral Interventions
  • PSY 643 Psychoeducational Assessment II
  • PSY 771 Practicum in School Psychology
  • PSY 772 Applied Behavior Analysis 

Recent Publications

Miller, L., Dufrene, B.A., Sterling, H.E., Olmi, D.J., & Bachmeyer, E.  (In press).  The Effects of Check In/Check Out on Problem Behavior and Academic Engagement in Elementary School Students.  Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions.

 Dufrene, B.A., Lestremau Harpole, L., & Zoder-Martell, K. (In press).  Direct behavioral consultation: Effects on teachers’ praise and student disruptive behavior. Psychology in the Schools.

Zoder-Martell, K.A., Sterling, H.E., Dufrene, B.A., Tingstrom, D.H., Blaze, J.T., Duncan, N.G., & Harpole, L.L. (In press). Effects of verbal and graphed feedback. Journal of Applied School Psychology.

Duncan, N.G., Dufrene, B.A., Sterling, H.E., & Tingstrom, D.H., (2013).  Promoting teacher’s generalization of intervention use through goal setting and performance feedback.  Journal of Behavioral Education. DOI 10.1007/s10864-013-9173-5

Dufrene, B.A., Watson, T.S., Echevarria, D.J., & Weaver, A.D. (2013).  Effects of tic-related conversation on rate of tics in two siblings.  Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders, 2, 281-285

LeGray, M., Dufrene, B.A., Mercer, S.H., Olmi, D.J., & Sterling, H.E. (2013).  Differential reinforcement of alternative behavior in center-based classrooms: Evaluation of pre-teaching the alternative behavior.  Journal of Behavioral Education, 22, 85-102.

Dufrene, B.A., Harpole, L., Sterling, H.E., Perry, E.C., Burton, B., Zoder-Martell, K. (2013).  Functional analysis identified habit reversal components for the treatment of motor tics.  Journal of Child & Family Behavior Therapy, 35, 41-62.

Dufrene, B.A., Parker, K.M., Menousek, K., Zhou, Qi, Lestremau Harpole, L., & Olmi, D.J. (2012).  Direct behavioral consultation in Head Start to improve teacher use of praise and effective instruction delivery.  Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation, 22, 159-186.  DOI: 10.1080/10474412.2011.620817

Poole, V.Y., Dufrene, B.A., Sterling, H.E., Tingstrom, D.H., & Hardy, C.M. (2012).  Classwide functional analysis and treatment of preschoolers’ disruptive behavior.  Journal of Applied School Psychology.28, 155-174.  DOI: 10.1080/15377903.2012.669744

Clark, C., Mercer, S.H., Zeigler-Hill, V., & Dufrene, B.A. (2012).  Barriers to the success of ethnic minority students in school psychology graduate programs.  School Psychology Review, 41, 176-192.

Mercer, S. H., Dufrene, B. A., Zoder-Martell, K., Harpole, L. L., Mitchell, R. R., & Blaze, J. T. (2012). Generalizability theory analysis of CBM maze reliability in third- through fifth-grade students. Assessment for Effective Intervention, 37, 183-190.  DOI 10.1177/1534508411430319