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Institute for Advanced Analytics and Security

Institute for Advanced Analytics and Security

Solutions at the Intersection of Data and Security

The Institute for Advanced Analytics and Security (IAAS) is dedicated to the design and application of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced statistical analysis to security issues facing our country and the world today. We explore new applications of existing technologies and develop our own approaches to solving complex problems within the context of security and in related areas. Our research portfolio is rapidly expanding as we seek to identify new areas where advanced analytics can help better secure our community, state, and nation.

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Our Programs

IAAS research programs address a variety of challenges within the security domain and beyond through the development of:

  • Algorithms that quantify the attitudes in social media by using Natural Language Processing;
  • Novel applications of machine learning techniques to existing security problems within the same problem framework as missing data issues;
  • A systematic review of the existing sports management literature to determine how much is known, and remains unknown, in relation to security within sports management through a partnership with the University's National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4).


Researchers brought in over $5 M in competitive external funding in 2018 2019


In our first year, IAAS has had two technologies move through the IP process at USM


Providing novel open source solutions for police and security professionals