Cap & Gown - Gulf Coast (Fall Ceremony)

USM Gulf Coast fall degree candidates participate in a combined ceremony with USM Hattiesburg fall degree candidates at Reed Green Coliseum in Hattiesburg, MS.  Refer to the Hattiesburg ceremony information for complete details.

Fall degree candidates also have the option of participating the following May at the Spring Commencement at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.

Students who ordered their cap and gown from the Gulf Park Bookstore may pick up their regalia at the Gulf Park Bookstore during the times listed below.

Tuesday, December 5th and Wednesday, December 6th.

9 am – 6 pm

Thursday, December 7th.

9 am – 3 pm



**Candidates can arrange for a third party to pick up items by providing an email from their Eagle Mail account to - "Please allow John Doe to pick up my cap and gown/seating card."  The email must be received no later than Friday, December 2 at 5:00pm.