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Online Learning

Online Learning

Due to COVID-19, students of DuBard School for Language Disorders will be continuing online education through the month of June (for those who qualify for ESY). In an effort to serve our students during this closure, our teachers will be available to meet with their students via video conference using the Zoom app. You can download the app on a lap top, tablet or mobile device at  Each teacher will be communicating directly with parents to schedule a time for conferencing.

If you are concerned about internet access, the Mississippi Department of Education has provided a list of free Wi-Fi access areas in the state. You can view that list here. If you have a cellphone with internet access, you can use it as a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices. Learn how to setup an iPhone hotspot here, or an Android phone hotspot here. If using the hotspot option, please check with your provider concerning data usage. Many outlets are extending free data during this time.

We understand that this can be an overwhelming time for parents. Please know that we do not expect students to spend all of their day inside doing school work. Our goal is to provide the tools for your child to make some progress during this time. Recent research has shown that maintaining a daily routine is the best way to ensure your child remains emotionally healthy during this time. Each family will have to develop a routine that works best. Below is a recommended study schedule from DuBard School with links to resources that can be helpful during this time.

Coach Haley has made a shoe tying tutorial video for our students! Check it out here.

Additional resources for at-home learning:

We have created several educational activities for at-home education with your child when he/she has completed work assigned by the teacher. These are brain-stimulation activities that require little supplies. Many of them can be done inside or outside. Select each item below to download instructions for the activity.

School districts throughout the state are providing meals to children in the area. If you are in need of assistance, please visit the link below to learn if your local school district can help.



Additional food resources include:

  • Venture Church (Lamar County) 601-544-0100
  • Edward Street Ministry (Forrest, Lamar, Jeff Davis, Jones, Jasper, Wayne, and Covington Counties) 601-544-5149

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