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Biweekly payroll deduction

Deductions taken from all (26) paychecks

  • Additional withholdings for both federal and state taxes
  • Credit union
  • Garnishments-based on earnings
  • Retirement
  • Taxes

Deductions taken from (24) paychecks
First two checks of each pay period pays 1⁄2 monthly dues each

  • Accounts receivable
  • Garnishments-based on fixed monthly amounts
  • Health insurance

Deductions taken from first wage payroll

  • Colonial cancer
  • Tax-sheltered annuities (TSAs)
  • Minnesota Life Insurance

Deductions taken from second wage payroll

  • Alumni
  • Dental
  • Dependent care reimbursement
  • Graduate student health insurance
  • Medical reimbursement
  • Parking decal
  • Payne Center
  • Savings bond
  • United Way
  • USM Foundation
  • USM Athletic Foundation
  • Vision

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