Human Resources Contacts

In an effort to expedite our responses to your needs and questions, Human Resources has identified the following contacts to best serve you:


Benefits:  ex. questions about insurance coverage, retirement, FMLA, tuition waiver

Amy Hester, Benefits Manager, 6-4055 or (Primary)

Kameron Dale, Associate Director of HR, 6-4056 or (Backup)


Transactions:  ex. how to complete paperwork, the status of changes, background checks, graduate health insurance

Mary Alexander, HR Specialist, 6-6289 or


 Employment:  ex. how to post a job, how to write a job description, status of job postings, use of PeopleAdmin

Dr. Wanda Naylor, Employment Manager, 6-4052 or (Primary) 

Pattie Teague, 6-6618 or (Backup)

 External Applicants: Breann Shaughnessy (Gulf Park)- 5-4581 or


AA/EEO:  ex. discrimination concerns, disability accommodations, Affirmative Action Plan, diversity recruitment, diversity training

Pattie Teague, Associate Director of Affirmative Action, 6-6618 or

Dr. Tonya Guillory, Director of Affirmative Action, 6-5117 or


Employee Relations:   ex. questions or clarifications about the employee handbook, how to address situations, employee grievances, compensation

Kameron Dale, Associate Director of HR, 6-4056 or

Krystyna Varnado, Associate VP of HR, 6-4050 or


General Inquiries or unable to reach one of the above:

HR Main Line- 6-4050 or

Breann Shaughnessy (Gulf Park)- 5-4581 or