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Employment and Human Resources

FAQ - GA, RA and International Student Health Insurance

  • Who is required to have insurance?  All GA’s, RA’s and International Students, whether graduate or undergraduate, are required to have health insurance. 


  • What if I have other health insurance?  You may request a waiver.  You must complete the waiver process at before the deadline to submit.  The deadline will be emailed to your USM email and also posted on the GA, RA, International Student Information page
    • All international students must contact the International Student and Scholar Services to request a waiver.


  • When does my coverage begin?  For the Fall semester, the insurance will begin on August 1st and will continue thru December 31st.  For students starting in the Spring semester, the insurance will begin on January 1st, and will continue thru July 31st. 


  • If I request a waiver, do I have to renew this waiver request annually?  Yes, at the beginning of each academic year you will need to request a waiver of participation.


  • What if I leave in the middle of a semester, or lose my assistantship?  The coverage will continue thru the end of that semester.  Premiums for the remainder of the semester will be withheld from the last check the student receives. 


  • Who is Eligible to Enroll? All Graduate Assistants, Residence Assistants and International Students/Scholars engaged in educational activities or research related activities through the University.   Eligible students who do enroll may also insure their dependents. Eligible dependents are the student’s legal spouse and/or dependent children under 26 years of age.


  • How do I enroll or waive?  At the beginning of each academic year you will go to and either waive or enroll in the student health insurance.  If you do not go in and waive this insurance you will be automatically enrolled in this plan.   There are no exceptions to this rule.  To add dependents, please go to and enroll them through your United Online Account once you have completed enrollment.


  • What if I need to enroll after the deadline?  If you have a qualifying event (ex. loss of other coverage, marriage, birth, etc.), you will need to complete a paper application and return to Human Resources.  Documentation of the qualifying event must be provided. Contact Human Resources for assistance.


  • How do I obtain an ID Card? Go to and create an online account to print a card or request one to be mailed to you.


  • What health providers can I see with this insurance? You are required to go to Moffitt Health Center on campus when you are within a 50-mile radius of the Hattiesburg campus.  (Exceptions to that rule: Moffitt Health Center is closed, an emergency situation, mental healthcare or OBGYN visit.)  Please go to to search for in-network providers.


  • What pharmacy can I use? The preferred provider is Moffitt Health Center pharmacy on the Hattiesburg Campus.   The cost for prescriptions at Moffitt Health is $10 copay.  You can search for other pharmacies in your area at  The cost at other pharmacies will vary based on the prescription. 


  • Can I extend the United Healthcare insurance coverage after I graduate?   No, United Healthcare does not offer COBRA coverage to the plan.  However, if you graduate in May, your spring coverage will still continue until August 1st


  • What is the amount of the insurance? The university will provided a subsidy for a portion of the premium, and the student is responsible for the remainder of the premium.  A monthly premium will be withheld out of GA’s check each month from September through May while the employing department will pay the remainder. International students not on assistantship will have their premium billed to their student account


  • Who is the health insurance company and what are the benefits? United Healthcare Student Resources. All policy benefit summaries and brochures are available at


  • Who should I contact for additional questions? Please call Holland Insurance, Inc. 888-393-9500 toll free or United Healthcare Student Resources at 1-800-767-0700.

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