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Employment and Human Resources

FAQ - Rehiring an Employee

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Q:What is a Rehire?

A: Defined by HR, a rehire is an employee who has had a termination processed through the HR office with the last three years.

1. A staff member leaves the University of March 2, 2017 and returns on May 10, 2018. – This is considered a rehire.
2. A visiting instructor is returning to teach another year. – This is not a rehire. *A visiting instructor is a full time benefitted employee of the university and will not be terminated from SOARHR until the hiring department submits termination paperwork. A suspend date is entered for visiting instructor.. The hiring department will need to submit a “Data Change” PAF to remove the suspend date. 

Q:What paperwork should be completed when rehiring an employee?

A: This will change for every employee. Email your HR contact for assistance prior to the employee’s start date. 
A: Allow time for the possibility of a background check being needed. This could take up to two weeks.

Q:Why is my rehire having to complete a new Form I-9?

A: As stated by USCIS, if there is a break in service of less than one year, a rehires Form I-9 may still be used if the documents provided have not expired. If they have expired, the rehire will need to complete a new Form I-9 with the Human Resources Office. 

Q:Can my rehire work “40 hours for three months”?

A:If the employee has been removed from the university for more than two years, they can work “40 hours for three months”.

After the three month span, the employee must drop down to 19 hours or be moved into a full time, benefitted position.

A:This will change for every employee. Email your HR contact for assistance prior to the employee’s start date for confirmation.

Q: Why is my rehire having to complete a background check?

A: University Human Resources started completing background checks as part of the pre-employment screening process in 2014. This means that the majority of our employees have not had a background check. While an employee can continue working for the university without one, if they leave and come back, they must complete a background check before they can begin working. 
A: Per HR policy, if a rehire has not had a background check within the last year, they will need to complete one prior to being employed by the university. 

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