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To enroll or waive in the United HealthCare student insurance, please visit

Summary Brochure for insurance

  • Domestic Students:  If you are currently covered by a comparable insurance plan, you do have the option to complete a Waiver Form to request a review of your existing coverage.  If we determine that your coverage meets our minimum coverage standards, you will not be required to enroll in the University of Southern Mississippi’s student insurance plan.  Once enrolled in the plan, you will automatically be enrolled for the full plan year.  The only exception to this policy is if you graduate in December.  Your coverage will then end on December 31st. If you have waived this insurance in the past, you will still need to waive the insurance again this year.  The cost of the insurance for a GA will be $129 per month.  This amount will be deducted on a monthly basis from September to May. You will not need to provide credit card information.


  • International Students:  All international students are required to purchase and enroll in the USM’s Student Health Insurance policy.  This group includes all international students including Graduate Assistant (GA) or a Resident Assistant (RA).

The only international students who are eligible for an insurance waiver are those who are currently on a government sponsored program that provides health insurance to their participants.  If you are eligible to apply for a waiver, then please send an email to Gina.BarkerFREEMississippi, and she will give you further instructions for a waiver.  The deadline to submit a waiver is February 7, 2020, or you will automatically be charged for the USM student health insurance.

Your student account will be charged at the beginning of the fall semester for $959.00 and at the beginning of the spring semester for $1334.00.  This excludes International Graduate Assistants; their premium is payroll deducted on a monthly basis from September to May.

Any questions concerning the international student health insurance policy should be directed to Gina Barker.  You may contact her through either email at Gina.BarkerFREEMississippi or by telephone at (601) 266-5719.

Once enrolled, please visit and setup an account, or log in with previous account information.  From this account, an insurance card can be found and printed.  Insurance cards are not mailed out to students, they can only be printed from this site. 


For issues enrolling, please contact Holland Insurances at 1-888-393-9500.


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