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Environmental Health and Safety

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Before working in your new laboratory you must first do the following:

1. Chemistry and Polymer Science students are required to take CHE/PSRC 410

  If CHE/PSRC 410 is not offered during the current semester you must have some form of alternate training before working in the lab.  Ask your Lab supervisor or Professor what is offered. 

2. Review the USM Safety Guidelines.

  The USM Safety Guideline is a general guide to laboratory safety. Your PI will have additional safety policy that is specific to your lab in addition to the general guidelines. You must be familiar with all safety policies. Refer to you lab management plan and speak to your Lab supervisor or Professor

3. Review your lab management plan

   All laboratories will have a lab management plan. The lab management plan is a safety manual for your specific lab and any lab specific procedures (Biological and Chemical).

4. Talk to your Lab supervisor or Professor

  Before performing any procedure in the laboratory make sure you are properly trained and have permission from your PI.  

5. Become familiar with ChemTracker. Go to the USM chemical safety page

  ChemTracker is USM's chemical inventory and safety data sheet data base.  You must read the SDS information and be familiar with any hazards for chemicals you work with. 

6. If you are working with Biological materials you may need additional training

  Talk with your Lab supervisor or Professor about what biologicals you can and cannot use and what training will be required

7. If you are planning to use radiation you will need additional training

  Talk to your Lab supervisor or Professor   

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