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Before you can order or use radiation you must:

1. Contact EHS to register as a radiation user.

2. Review the USM Radiation Safety Manual and Guidelines at the USM Radiation Safety page.

3. You must have a radiation safety section in your LMP that includes radiation safety quizzes. (see below)

4. Take the Radiation training course at the USM Radiation Safety page and pass the new user radiation quiz

    All users of radiation (Faculty and Students) must take the radiation training course to use or order radiation. An annual refresher course is also required.

5. Set up the radiation area in your lab (refer to the USM Radiation Guidelines )

      Radiation areas should be isolated as much as possible and appropriate shielding put in place. Once you are set up contact EHS for an initial inspection.

6. If using 32P or 22Na you must have a calibrated radiation meter.

      Contact EHS if using other isotopes

7. You must also have a dosimeter rings or badge before working with radiation

8. Radiation can only be ordered via Purchase Order. 

    The requisitions must be approved by EHS or the PO will not be processed.  After entering requisition email Martha Sparrow or Kevin Davis and they will approve the order if  lab is current on training.  Orders  must be delivered to the Fisher Storeroom.




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