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Cindy Handley

Dr. Cindy Handley

Associate Teaching Professor


My name is Cindy Handley, PhD, MLS(ASCP)CM but my students sometimes call me Dr C. I have taught at the University of Southern Mississippi for 9 years but I've been in education for over 30 years. My academic experience includes teaching in two small community colleges and two major universities. I love seeing the light bulb come on in students who get a new concept. I especially like working with students in difficult situations to help them achieve academic success. I currently teach face to face as well as online. My basic philosophy about education is that it should be enjoyable and stimulating, but it also involves rote memorization and learning the basics (I call this pouring concrete - laying the foundation).

  • Vocational Education (PHD) - Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College (1998)
  • Medical Technology (MS) - University of Southern Mississippi (1993)
  • Medical Technology (BS) - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (1981)

Medical Terminology
Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) and Medical
Laboratory Science (MLS) Hematology (undergrad & grad)
Coagulation (undergrad & grad), Introduction to the Clinical Laboratory (undergrad) , Safety in the Healthcare Setting (undergrad)
MLT Immunohematology
MLS Clinical Laboratory Management (grad)
MLS Clinical Laboratory Program Development (grad)
MLS Principles of Clinical Administration/Education (undergrad & grad)
MLS Parasitology (undergrad & grad)
MLS Professional Communications

  • Medical Technologist
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist
  • Preventing Discrimination & Harassment: Employees V2.3
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • Title IX: Preventing Sexual Misconduct for Faculty and Staff – "Responsible Employee" Edition
  • Medical Laboratory Technologist
  • Clinical Laboratory Scientist
  • Clinical Laboratory Scientist
  • American Society of Clinical Laboratory Scientists
  • English (Native or Bilingual)

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Areas of Expertise

Medical Laboratory Education, Hematology, Medical Terminology, Coagulation, Clinical Laboratory Management