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Marie Danforth

Dr. Marie Danforth


  • PHD - Indiana University-Bloomington (1989)
  • MA - Indiana University-Bloomington (1985)
  • BA - Albion College (1981)

Introduction to Anthropology (regular and honors)
Forensic Anthropology
Graduate Seminar in Biological Anthropology
Human Variation and Adaptation
Peoples and Cultures of Mesoamerica
Medical Anthropology
Teaching Anthropology

  • The Adult Age Profile at the Contact Period Site of Tipu, Belize: Historical Reality or Analytical Artifact?, Research Reports in Belizean Archaeology, 2023
  • Gender, Identity and Sexual Hybridity at the Tipu Site, Osteobiographies in Mesoamerica: Their History and Scope, 2024
  • Living Conditions, Gender and Stature, Routledge Handbook of Mesoamerican Bioarchaeology, 2022
  • Meningiomas in Ancient Human Populations, Cancers, 2022
  • Colonial Urbanism: A Comparative Exploration of Skeletal Stress in Two 18th Century North American French Colonies, The Bioarchaeology of Urbanization: The Biological, Demographic, and Social Consequences of Living in Cities, 2020
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  • English

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Areas of Expertise

Bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, human osteology, dental anthropology, Mesoamerica, Southeastern US