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Susan Mullican

Ms. Susan Mullican

Senior Lecturer


After a few years away from Academia, Ms. Mullican returned to her first love: Philosophy. With both her MA and two years of work on a Ph.D. in ethics and political philosophy, Ms. Mullican has continued bringing philosophical wonder to all levels of undergraduate students. The list of classes include general education courses (both Introduction of Philosophy and Ethics and the Good Life) as well as applied ethics courses (Business Ethics, Health Care Ethics and Ethics of the Environment) and fun courses such as Philosophy and Film and Philosophy of Love and Sexuality. An integral part of Philosophy is, of course, Critical Thinking which Ms. Mullican teaches on a rotating basis. Since the philosophy program has moved into an online program, Ms. Mullican has adapted all of the classes to an online platform. You may contact her on the Gulf Park Campus.

  • MA - University of Southern Mississippi (1987)
  • BA - Mississippi State University (1981)

Environmental Ethics, Critical Thinking, Business Ethics, Introduction to Women's Studies, Logic, and Health Care Ethics

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Areas of Expertise

Ethics, Applied Ethics and Feminism