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Katie Anthony

Dr. Katie Anthony

Associate Professor


  • PHD - University of Kentucky (2013)
  • MA - University of Kentucky (2010)
  • BA - University of Southern Mississippi (2008)

Health Communication
Introduction to Communication Research
Survey of Communication
Business & Professional Communication
Honors Colloquium 111 & 112

  • Beyond Narnia: The necessity of CS Lewis' first and second things in applied communication research, Journal of Applied Communication Research, 2011
  • Information acquisition, perception, preference, and convergence by Gulf Coast residents in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina crisis, Argumentation and Advocacy, 2011
  • Illegal college ADHD stimulant distributors: Characteristics and potential areas of intervention, Substance use \& misuse, 2013
  • Message convergence as a message-centered approach to analyzing and improving risk communication, Journal of Applied Communication Research, 2013
  • Complexities in communication and collaboration in the hurricane warning system, Communication Studies, 2014
  • Constructing the uncertainty of due dates, Health communication, 2014
  • Risk communication as interacting arguments: viewing the L'Aquila earthquake disaster through the message convergence framework, Argumentation and Advocacy, 2014
  • The role of the message convergence framework in medical decision making, Journal of health communication, 2016
  • Exploring public relations challenges in compounding crises: The pariah effect of toxic trailers, Journal of Public Relations Research, 2017
  • Message Convergence Framework Applied to Health and Risk Messaging, Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication, 2017
  • Southern States Communication Association
  • National Communication Association
  • International Communication Association

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Areas of Expertise

Medical decision-making, Public Health Risk Communication