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Chris Sirola

Professor Chris Sirola

Associate Professor


B.S. in astronomy-physics from University of Wisconsin 1988; M.S. in physics from University of Pittsburgh 1990; Ph.D. in astronomy from University of Pittsburgh 1995. Married (Susan) w/ 3 children (Natalie, Josh, Zack). Current research interests include science education and variable stars.

  • Extra-galactic astronomy (PHD) - University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus (1995)
  • Extra-galactic astronomy (MS) - University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus (1990)
  • physics (BS) - University of Wisconsin-Madison (1988)

All introductory courses offered by Department of Physics & Astronomy (AST 111, AST 112, PHY 103, PHY 111, PHY 112); physics portion of MCAT review; graduate assistant teaching seminar; training of in-service high school teachers in physics and astronomy; others.

  • Apparent Retrograde Motion of Planets, The Physics Teacher, 2022
  • PhysTEC
  • English (Native or Bilingual)

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Areas of Expertise

Astronomy & physics education; quasars; variable stars.