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Dana Fennell

Dana Fennell



Dr. Dana Fennell is interested in people’s well-being, especially the unique avenues they turn to for managing and improving their lives. She was originally trained in the areas of the sociology of health and illness, environment, and sociology of knowledge. Her published research has explored the experiences of people with obsessive-compulsive disorder and representations of OCD in the media; people’s understanding and use of complementary and alternative medicine; farming and biotechnology; silence in religious ritual; and messages in anime. Most recently she has been studying people’s participation in pole and aerial arts for fitness and leisure. She utilizes both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Her work studies how forces such as the media and marketing are used to define people, their behaviors, and technologies as deviant or mainstream. She complements this by exploring people’s lived experiences and how they make sense of the world in practice.

  • PHD - University of Florida (2005)
  • MA - University of Florida (2002)
  • BS - Barry University (2000)
  • Pole Studios as Spaces Between the Adult Entertainment, Art, Fitness, and Sporting Fields., Sport in Society, 2018
  • IF YOU’RE “SO OCD,” WHAT DOES THAT MAKE ME?, Routledge Handbook on Deviance, Edited by Stephen E. Brown and Ophir Sefiha, 2018
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in the Media, Deviant Behavior, 2014, 10.1080/01639625.2013.872526
  • Consuming anime, Television and New Media, 2013, 10.1177/1527476412436986
  • Explorations of silence in the religious rituals of Buddhists and Quakers, Religion, 2012, 10.1080/0048721X.2012.704157
  • Marketing science: The corporate faces of genetic engineering, Journal of Communication Inquiry, 2009, 10.1177/0196859908325144
  • Definitions and patterns of CAM use by the lay public, Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 2009, 10.1016/j.ctim.2008.09.002
  • Learning to live with OCD: Labeling, the self, and stigma, Deviant Behavior, 2007, 10.1080/01639620701233274
  • Ethnic Variation in Health and the Determinants of Health Among Latinos, Social Science & Medicine, 2005
  • Determinants of Supplement Usage, Preventive Medicine, 2004

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Areas of Expertise

health, deviance, communication, environment, sociology of knowledge