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Andrew Haley

Professor Andrew Haley

Associate Professor


Andrew P. Haley studies class, culture and cuisine in the United States from the Gilded Age through the 1950s. Andrew is the Director of University Forum, Southern Miss' forty-year old speaker series, and the Moorman Distinguished Professor of the Humanities 2019-2021. He has a doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh.

His first book, Turning the Tables: American Restaurant Culture and the Rise of the Middle Class, 1880-1920, argues that changes in restaurant culture demonstrate the growing influence of urban middle-class consumers. It is the winner of the 2012 James Beard Award for Scholarship and Reference. Recently, Andrew has been working with McCain Library and Archives on a project documenting community life through local cookbooks. That project is the source of his next book.

Andrew loves to teach. He is the recipient of a 2001 K. Patricia Cross Award from the American Association for Higher Education and a 2012 Mississippi Humanities Council Teaching Award.

  • United States (PHD) - University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus (2005)
  • United States (MA) - University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus (1997)
  • BA - Tufts University (1991)

History of Eating in America (U/G)
History of Eating and Drinking in Great Britain (U/G)
American Popular Culture (U)
Women in American Society (U/G)
United States I Survey (U)
United States II Survey (U)
American Working-class History (U/G)
Social Darwinism & Scientific Racism (U)
U.S. Historiography II (G)
Philosophy and Methods of History (G)
American Nationalism (U)
American Cultural History (G)
Children in American History (U/G)
Gay/Lesbian American History (U/G)
Gilded Age/Progressive Era Survey (U)
History and Memory (G)

  • Turning the Tables: Restaurants and the Rise of the American Middle Class, 1880-1920, 2011
  • The Nation before Taste: The challenges of American culinary history, Public Historian, 2012, 10.1525/tph.2012.34.2.53
  • Restaurant Culture, The Routledge History of American Foodways, 2016, 10.4324/9781315871271
  • Beans and Cornbread: The Pragmatic Crusade to Document Women’s History Through Cookbooks, Digital Humanities, Libraries, & Partnerships: A Critical Examination of Labor, Networks, and Community, 2018
  • Tahir's Tamales: Syrian Cooking in the American South, Perspectives on History, 2023

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Areas of Expertise

United States History; History of Food; Cultural History