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Professor Parthapratim Biswas

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Professor Biswas was awarded B.Sc. (Honors in Physics) and the P.N. Sinha prize (University Gold Medal in Physics) in 1991 by the University of Burdwan (India), and M.Sc (Physics) from the same institution in 1993. After post graduation, he worked as a junior and senior research fellow (1995-1999), of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), at S. N. Bose National Center for Basic Sciences in Kolkata (India) and obtained his Ph.D. (January 2000) for working on electronic structure of random alloys and surfaces. Following his postdoctoral research, from 2000 to 2005, at Utrecht University (The Netherlands), the University of Nottingham (UK), Ohio University (USA), and the University of Leipzig (Germany), he joined the University of Southern Mississippi as Assistant Professor of Physics in 2006. His area of expertise is Theoretical condensed matter and Materials Physics, with an emphasis on structural and electronic properties of complex disordered materials and glasses.

  • Condensed Matter Theory (PHD) - Jadavpur University-India (2000)
  • MS - University of Burdwan (1992)
  • BS - University of Burdwan (1990)

Graduate Classical Mechanics;
Graduate Quantum Mechanics;
Graduate Statistical Mechanics;
Thermal Physics;
Modern Physics I and II
Calculus-based Physics I and II
Data Visualization for PhD students

  • Information-driven inverse approach to disordered solids: Applications to amorphous silicon, Physicsal Review Materials , 2018
  • Small-angle X-ray scattering in amorphous silicon: A computational study, 2018
  • First Principles simulations of vibrational decay and lifetimes in {\it a}-Si:H and {\it a}-Si:D, Physical Review B , 2017,
  • Morphology and number density of voids in hydrogenated amorphous silicon: An {\it ab initio} study, Physical Review Applied , 2017,
  • Nearly defect-free dynamical models of disordered solids: The case of of {\it a}-Si, The Journal of Chemical Physics , 2018,

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Areas of Expertise

Theoretical Condensed Matter and Materials Physics