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Heather Broadhead

Dr. Heather Broadhead

Associate Teaching Professor


Dr. Heather Broadhead earned her BS degree in 2007 from William Carey University in Chemistry and Biological Sciences and her PhD from The University of Southern Mississippi in Polymer Science and Engineering in 2013 in the area of bio-reactive stimuli-responsive polymer surfaces under the direction of Dr. Marek Urban. Dr. Broadhead's postdoctoral studies were with Dr. Robert Lochhead in the area of formulation and characterization for hair care products and oil spill remediation. Her research at USM focuses on polymers for biomedical and personal care applications with an emphasis on imparting antimicrobial activity.

  • Polymer Science and Engineering (PHD) - University of Southern Mississippi (2013)

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Areas of Expertise

Polymers with biomedical and personal care applications, surface modification, antimicrobial activity, bacteriophages.