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Richard Mohn

Dr. Richard Mohn Jr

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Dr. Mohn has a Ph.D. in Educational Research from Virginia Commonwealth University. Prior to joining USM, he had a 15-year career at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond as a senior analyst, senior manager, and assistant vice president where he oversaw activities related to financial and strategic planning, operations research, and risk management. While at USM, he has taught 13 different courses in intermediate and advanced statistics, evaluation, research methods, and measurement. Dr. Mohn has served on over 250 dissertation committees in all of USM’s doctoral granting colleges, primarily as the resource for analysis on a wide variety of topics. He has also served as an evaluator and statistical consultant on several national grants with funding of over $30 million. Dr. Mohn’s research interests include invariance testing, mediation, and modeling of categorical outcomes.

  • PHD - Virginia Commonwealth University (2007)
  • MA - University of Richmond (1992)
  • BA - Lock Haven University (1987)


Invariance Testing (REF 792)
Mediation and Moderation (REF 792)
Multilevel Modeling (REF 792)
Nonparametric Statistics (REF 792)
Structural Equation Modeling (REF 792)
Program Evaluation II (REF 792)
Multivariate Statistics (REF 830)

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  • Changes in psychosocial constructs and post-intervention changes in physical activity and dietary outcomes in a lifestyle intervention: HUB City Steps, 2010, Prevenitng Chronic Disease, 2015,
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  • Perceived threat mediates the relationship between psychosis proneness and aggressive behavior, PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH, 2011, 10.1016/j.psychres.2010.09.010

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