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Julie Reid

Julie Reid

Associate Professor


Dr. Julie Reid’s research examines inequality in educational contexts and the intersections of gender, race, social class, and nation. She is a faculty member in the School of Social Science and Global Studies and an affiliate faculty in the Women's and Gender Studies program and the Center for Black Studies. Her previous research has explored how teachers in South America engaged with national educational reform policies that mandated cultural and gender equality. She has also done research in the U.S. to examine college students’ perceptions of hookups, dates, and behavioral expectations related to gender and environmental settings. Her teaching and research experience includes work in Bolivia, Malawi, Peru, and South Korea.

  • Sociology (PHD) - University of Texas at Austin (2008)
  • Sociology (MA) - University of Texas at Austin (2001)
  • Administrative Studies (BA) - University of California-Riverside (1988)
  • Psychology (BA) - University of California-Riverside (1988)
  • Sociology (BA) - University of California-Riverside (1988)

• SOC 101 Understanding Society
• SOC 301 Wealth, Status, and Power
• SOC 350 Race and Ethnicity

• SOC 360 Globalization
• SOC 415/WS 425 Sociology of Gender
• SOC 492 Gender and Development

• SOC 515. Sociology of Gender
• SOC 692 Special Study Projects in Sociology

  • “It’s Like Being in Church and Being on a Field Trip:” The Date Versus Party Situation in College Students’ Accounts of Hooking Up, Symbolic Interaction, 2015, 10.1002/symb.153
  • "We Understand Better Because We Have Been Mothers": Teaching, Maternalism, and Gender Equality in Bolivian Education, Gender and Education, 2014, 10.1080/09540253.2014.961412
  • Gender and Multigenerational Global Human Development, Sociology Compass , 2013,
  • Bordering Education: Discourses of Nation, Patriotism, and Neoliberal Multiculturalism in Bolivia, Limited Borders versus Unlimited Boundaries: Lessons from East Asia and Latin America, 2013
  • Casual Hookups to Formal Dates: Refining the Boundaries of the Sexual Double Standard, Gender & Society, 2011, 10.1177/0891243211418642
  • Multiculturalism and Representations of Indigenousness in the Bolivian Educational Reform, Asian Journal of Latin American Studies, 2011

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Areas of Expertise

education, gender, race, social class, intersectionality, globalization, international development