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Kenji Noguchi

Dr. Kenji Noguchi

Associate Professor

  • PHD - University of Mississippi (2004)

PSY110 - General Psychology
PSY360 - Statistics
PSY361 - Research Methods
PSY450 - Social Psychology
PSY455 - Personality Psychology
PSY475 - Senior Seminar
PSY750 - Advanced Social Psychology

  • Grateful and existential meaning across cultures, Journal of Constructivist Psychology, 2022, DOI: 10.1080/10720537.2020.1821267
  • The meaning frame theory: Meaning arises with reference points, Journal of Happiness Studies, 2020,
  • Mindfulness as an end-state: Construction of a trait measure of mindfulness, Personality and Individual Difference, 2017
  • Justice and the natural world: Who do we CARE?, Ecopsychology, 2016
  • Participating in politics resembles physical activity: General action patterns in international archives, US archives, and experiments, Psychological Science, 2011
  • Motivating goal-directed behavior through introspective self-talk: The role of the interrogative form of simple future tense, Psychological Science, 2010
  • Increasing and decreasing motor and cognitive output: A model of general action and inaction goals, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2008
  • Who participates in which health promotion programs? A meta-analysis of motivations underlying enrollment and retention in HIV-prevention interventions, Psychological Bulletin, 2007
  • Examination of the content of individualism/collectivism scales in cultural comparisons of the USA and Japan, Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 2007
  • Cognitive tendencies of focusing on positive and negative information, Journal of Research in Personality, 2006
  • Japanese (Native or Bilingual)
  • English (Full Professional)

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Gulf Park



Areas of Expertise

Experimental Psychology, Culture, Social Cognition, Values, Well-being