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Fengwei Bai

Dr. Fengwei Bai

Full Professor


Dr. Bai received his Ph.D. in Genetics from Fudan University, China, and did his postdoctoral training at Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Bai's research interests are to understand how viruses are recognized by the host’s innate immune system and how innate immunity initiates and generates protective adaptive immunity. His long-term research goal is to use this knowledge in the rational design of effective vaccines or therapeutics for the prevention of the transmission of viral pathogens. Dr. Bai’s research is funded by NIH and various research foundations. For detailed publications please visit:

  • PHD - Fudan University (2002)
  • MS - Ocean University of China (1999)

BSC486/586 Immunology
BSC484/584 Virology
BSC485/585 Viral Pathogenesis and Diagnosis

  • Current Understanding of West Nile Virus Clinical Manifestations, Immune Responses, Neuroinvasion, and Immunotherapeutic Implicationspathogens, pathogens, 2019, 10.3390/pathogens8040193
  • In vitro and in vivo efficacy of anti-chikungunya virus monoclonal antibodies produced in wild-type and glycoengineered Nicotiana benthamiana plants., Plant Biotechnol J, 2019, 10.1111/pbi.13194
  • Differential Expression of Genes Related to Innate Immune Responses in Ex Vivo Spinal Cord and Cerebellar Slice Cultures Infected with West Nile Virus., Brain sciences, 2018, 10.3390/brainsci9010001
  • Congenital Zika Virus Infection in Immunocompetent Mice Causes Postnatal Growth Impediment and Neurobehavioral Deficits., Frontiers in microbiology, 2018, 10.3389/fmicb.2018.02028
  • Exosomes serve as novel modes of tick-borne flavivirus transmission from arthropod to human cells and facilitates dissemination of viral RNA and proteins to the vertebrate neuronal cells., PLoS pathogens, 2018, 10.1371/journal.ppat.1006764
  • A plant-produced vaccine protects mice against lethal West Nile virus infection without enhancing Zika or dengue virus infectivity., Vaccine, 2018, 10.1016/j.vaccine.2018.02.073
  • Osteopontin facilitates West Nile virus neuroinvasion via neutrophil "Trojan horse" transport., Scientific reports, 2017, 10.1038/s41598-017-04839-7
  • Interleukin-17A Promotes CD8+ T Cell Cytotoxicity To Facilitate West Nile Virus Clearance., Journal of virology, 2016, 10.1128/JVI.01529-16
  • TLR8 Couples SOCS-1 and Restrains TLR7-Mediated Antiviral Immunity, Exacerbating West Nile Virus Infection in Mice., Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 2016, 10.4049/jimmunol.1600902
  • An ultrasensitive electrogenerated chemiluminescence-based immunoassay for specific detection of Zika virus, Scientific Reports, 2016, 10.1038/srep32227
  • American Society of Microbiology
  • American Heart Association
  • The American Association of Immunologists
  • Chinese (Native or Bilingual)
  • English (Full Professional)

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Areas of Expertise

Biomedical Sciences, Virology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Cell and Molecular Biology