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Matthew Casey

Dr. Matthew Casey

Associate Professor

  • PHD - University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus (2012)
  • MA - University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus (2006)
  • BA - University of Texas at Austin (2003)

HIS 102: World Civilizations since 1500
HIS 310: Introduction to Latin American History
HIS 424: The World in the Twentieth Century
IS 491: International Studies Capstone

  • Empire's Guest Workers: Haitian Migrants in Cuba during the Age of US Occupation, 2017, 10.1017/9781316412428
  • Domestic Workers and Foreign Occupation: Haitian Servants, US Marines and Conflicts over Labor and Empire in Haiti, 1915-1934, International Labor and Working Class History, 2019, 10.1017/S0147547919000152
  • The Paramilitarism of Politics and Production in Early Republican Cuba, The Global South, 2018, 10.2979/globalsouth.12.2.04
  • “Haitian Habits" or Occupation Policies?: Harris Lifschitz and the Unevenness of State-Building in Haiti, 1898-1921 , Journal of Haitian Studies, 2015, 10.1353/jhs.2016.0008
  • "Poultry and Pedagogy in Mississippi and Mexico: Bridging African American and Latin American History in a College Classroom" , The History Teacher, 2018
  • Los haitianos en las encrucijadas de creencia y represión en la Cuba Republicana, Batey: Revista Cubana de Antropología Sociocultural , 2016
  • Research Note: Sugar, Empire, and Revolution in Eastern Cuba: The Guantánamo Sugar Company Records in the Cuban Heritage Collection, Caribbean Studies, 2014, 10.1353/crb.2014.0022
  • Spanish (Full Professional)

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Areas of Expertise

Latin America and the Caribbean with special focus on Cuba and Haiti