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Matthew Casey

Dr. Matthew Casey

Associate Professor


Matthew Casey (University of Pittsburgh, PhD 2012) joined the USM faculty in 2012 and has served as the Director of the School of Humanities since 2019. He is the author of Empire's Guest Workers: Haitian Migrants in Cuba during the Age of US Occupations (Cambridge University Press, 2017). HIs publications have appeared in The Journal of Haitian Studies, the New West Indian Guide, Caribbean Studies, and International Labor and Working Class History. He teaches courses on Latin American and Caribbean history at USM.

  • PHD - University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus (2012)
  • MA - University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus (2006)
  • BA - University of Texas at Austin (2003)

HIS 102: World Civilizations since 1500
HIS 310: Introduction to Latin American History
HIS 424: The World in the Twentieth Century
IS 491: International Studies Capstone

  • Empire's Guest Workers: Haitian Migrants in Cuba during the Age of US Occupation, 2017, 10.1017/9781316412428
  • Domestic Workers and Foreign Occupation: Haitian Servants, US Marines and Conflicts over Labor and Empire in Haiti, 1915-1934, International Labor and Working Class History, 2019, 10.1017/S0147547919000152
  • The Paramilitarism of Politics and Production in Early Republican Cuba, The Global South, 2018, 10.2979/globalsouth.12.2.04
  • “Haitian Habits" or Occupation Policies?: Harris Lifschitz and the Unevenness of State-Building in Haiti, 1898-1921 , Journal of Haitian Studies, 2015, 10.1353/jhs.2016.0008
  • "Poultry and Pedagogy in Mississippi and Mexico: Bridging African American and Latin American History in a College Classroom" , The History Teacher, 2018
  • Los haitianos en las encrucijadas de creencia y represión en la Cuba Republicana, Batey: Revista Cubana de Antropología Sociocultural , 2016
  • Research Note: Sugar, Empire, and Revolution in Eastern Cuba: The Guantánamo Sugar Company Records in the Cuban Heritage Collection, Caribbean Studies, 2014, 10.1353/crb.2014.0022
  • Spanish (Full Professional)

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Areas of Expertise

Latin America and the Caribbean with special focus on Cuba and Haiti