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Allison Abra

Dr. Allison Abra

Associate Professor


Allison Abra is Associate Professor of history and a Fellow in the Dale Center for the Study of War & Society. She holds a PhD from the University of Michigan, and her research is concerned with culture, gender, and identity during the era of the two world wars, particularly in Britain and Europe. She is the author of 'Dancing in the English Style: Consumption, Americanisation, and National Identity in Britain, 1918-50' (Manchester University Press, 2017). In 2018-2019, Dr. Abra was honored as the Mississippi Humanities Council Teacher of the Year for Southern Miss. She was also recently named 2019-2021 Blount Professor in Military History in order to support the research and writing of a new book on gender and emotion in British espionage during World War II.

  • PHD - Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor (2009)
  • MA - Queen's University at Kingston (2001)
  • BA - University of Manitoba (1999)

History 102: World Civilizations from 1500
History 333: Europe in the 19th Century
History 334: Europe in the 20th Century
History 349: Modern British History
History 415: World War I
History 416/516: World War
History 447/547: Victorian Britain
History 499/599: Anglo-File: History and Culture in the British Isles (study abroad)
History 692: Special Problems in History: “Britain in the 20th Century”
History 732: Graduate Seminar in British History
History 736: Topics in Modern War and Society: “War and Culture in Twentieth-Century Europe”
History 732: Graduate Seminar in British History /736 Topics in Modern War and Society: “Britain at War”
History 722: War Historiography

  • Dancing in the English Style: Consumption, Americanisation, and National Identity in Britain, 1918-50, 2017
  • "Dancing in the English Style: Professionalisation, Public Preference, and the Evolution of Popular Dance in 1920s Britain", Leisure and Cultural Conflict in Twentieth-Century Britain, 2012
  • "Doing the Lambeth Walk: Novelty Dances and the British Nation", 20th Century British History, 2009
  • Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) Certification
  • FCOI Disclosure Process at USM_2017V2
  • Respect and Inclusion Series: Uncovering Implicit Bias
  • Bullying Prevention for Higher Education Staff
  • Diversity Benefits for Higher Education Employees
  • FERPA for Higher Education
  • Completing The Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure
  • Security Awareness
  • Code of Conduct for Higher Education
  • Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence:Title IX VAWA and Clery Act for Faculty and Staff
  • Unlawful Harassment Prevention for Higher Education Faculty
  • American Historical Association
  • North American Conference on British Studies
  • Society for Military History
  • Southern Conference on British Studies

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Areas of Expertise

Modern Britain, Modern Europe, Popular Culture, Women/Gender, War and Society