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Elena Stepanova

Dr. Elena Stepanova

Associate Professor


Dr. Stepanova is a social cognitive psychologist and a Principal Investigator at the Social Cognition and Behavior Lab (SCBL) at the University of Southern Mississippi, School of Psychology. She obtained her B.A. in Psychology from La Sierra University (Riverside, CA), and A.M. and Ph.D. in Social and Personality Psychology from Washington University in Saint Louis (St. Louis, MO). She also completed postdoctoral training in addictions at the University of Missouri (Columbia, MO). Dr. Stepanova is serving on the editorial board of The Journal of Social Psychology.

  • Social and Personality Psychology (PHD) - Washington University in St Louis (2010)

Introduction to Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences;
Senior Seminar;
Social Psychology;
Advanced Social Psychology

  • The role of feature-based discrimination in driving health disparities among Black Americans, Ethnicity and Health, 2020, 10.1080/13557858.2017.1398314
  • Alcohol priming and blame attribution in an acquaintance rape vignette. , Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2021, 10.1177/0886260517744762
  • The Effect of Group Polarization on Opposition to Donald Trump, Political Psychology, 2019, 10.1111/pops.12584
  • Effects of exposure to alcohol-related cues on racial discrimination, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, 2018, 10.1002/ejsp.2325
  • Effects of Exposure to Alcohol-Related Cues on Racial Prejudice, SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, 2018, 10.1027/1864-9335/a000334
  • Attractiveness as a Function of Skin Tone and Facial Features: Evidence from Categorization Studies, JOURNAL OF GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY, 2018, 10.1080/00221309.2017.1394811
  • Pictorial Race Activation in Priming Measures, Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 2016, 10.1080/01973533.2016.1201484
  • The Development of White-Asian Categorization: Contributions from Skin Color and Other Physiognomic Cues, PLOS ONE, 2016, 10.1371/journal.pone.0158211
  • GDPR training course
  • GLBA Basics
  • COVID-19 | Awareness & Prevention (Staff & Faculty)
  • Preventing Discrimination & Harassment: Employees
  • Independent Applying the QM Rubric (Virtual) (APPQMR)
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • Southern Miss Cybersecurity Awareness 101 Course
  • Title IX: Preventing Sexual Misconduct for Faculty and Staff – “Responsible Employee” Edition
  • Active Shooter Situations: What Should You Do?
  • Preventing Discrimination & Harassment: Employees V2.3
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • Title IX: Preventing Sexual Misconduct for Faculty and Staff – "Responsible Employee" Edition
  • Society for Personality and Social Psychology
  • Russian (Native or Bilingual)

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Brain and Behavior: social cognition and cross-cultural psychology