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Craig Carey

Dr. Craig Carey

Associate Professor


Dr. Carey specializes in 19th-century American literature, media studies, literary theory, and game studies. His research and teaching explore historical and contemporary connections between literature and technology, specifically how texts and technologies give shape to different forms of thinking, feeling, perception, embodiment, play, and meaning.

Professional Portfolio:

  • PHD - University of Iowa (2013)
  • MA - Cuny Brooklyn College (2007)
  • MA - University of Chicago (2002)
  • BS - Syracuse University (2001)

ENG 670: American Romanticism: Nature, Mind, Aesthetics
ENG 644: Methods in Book History
ENG 670: Realism and Naturalism
ENG 670: The Weird Nineteenth Century
ENG 744: Games and Literary Theory
ENG 770: Authorship and Writing Practice in C19 America
ENG 770: Literature, Technology, & Media in C19 America
ENG 770: Ecology and Literary Form
ENG 771: Mark Twain at Play

ENG 489: American Transcendentalism
ENG 471: Realism and Naturalism
ENG 400: Literature, Media, & Modernity
ENG 370: American Literature I (x8)
ENG 365: Digital Literacies
ENG 340: Analysis of Literature
ENG 332: Reading and Writing in Digital Environments
ENG 314: Introduction to Videogame Criticism
HON 303: The Art of Video Games
HON 303: Games for Change: Video Games and Critical Play
ENG 203: World Literature
ENG 203: World Literature (online)

  • Archival Play: The Magic Circle of Fragments, Finding Aids, and Curious George, Pedagogy, 2021
  • William Dean Howells, Thing Theory, and the Hazards of Speculative Realism, Arizona Quarterly , 2019
  • Gilman’s Paperwork: Authorship, Accounting, and Archival Memory, American Literary History, 2017
  • Breaking the News: Telegraphy and Yellow Journalism in the Spanish-American War, American Periodicals, 2016
  • A and B: Marks, Maps, Media, and the Materiality of Ambrose Bierce’s Style, American Literature, 2013
  • "Reading Connectedly": Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the Index, and Her Librarian-Father, American Literary Realism, 2013
  • Mr. Wilson’s War: Peace, Neutrality, and Entangling Alliances in Hemingway’s In Our Time, The Hemingway Review, 2012
  • Starting from the Archives: Digital Humanities Partnerships, Projects, and Pedagogies, Digital Humanities, Libraries, & Partnerships: A Critical Examination of Labor, Networks, and Community, 2018
  • Realism and Recording: Remixing Literary and Media History, American Literary Realism, 2021

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Areas of Expertise

American Literature, Media Studies, Literary Theory, Digital Humanities, Game Studies