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Craig Carey

Dr. Craig Carey

Associate Professor

  • PHD - University of Iowa (2013)
  • MA - Cuny Brooklyn College (2007)
  • MA - University of Chicago (2002)
  • BS - Syracuse University (2001)

ENG 670: American Romanticism: Nature, Mind, Aesthetics
ENG 644: Methods in Book History
ENG 670: Realism and Naturalism
ENG 670: The Weird Nineteenth Century
ENG 744: Games and Literary Theory
ENG 770: Authorship and Writing Practice in C19 America
ENG 770: Literature, Technology, & Media in C19 America
ENG 771: Mark Twain at Play

ENG 489: American Transcendentalism
ENG 471: Realism and Naturalism
ENG 400: Literature, Media, & Modernity
ENG 370: American Literature I (x8)
ENG 365: Digital Literacies
ENG 340: Analysis of Literature
ENG 332: Reading and Writing in Digital Environments
ENG 314: Introduction to Videogame Criticism
HON 303: The Art of Video Games
HON 303: Games for Change: Video Games and Critical Play
ENG 203: World Literature
ENG 203: World Literature (online)

  • Archival Play: The Magic Circle of Fragments, Finding Aids, and Curious George, Pedagogy, 2021
  • William Dean Howells, Thing Theory, and the Hazards of Speculative Realism, Arizona Quarterly , 2019
  • Gilman’s Paperwork: Authorship, Accounting, and Archival Memory, American Literary History, 2017
  • Breaking the News: Telegraphy and Yellow Journalism in the Spanish-American War, American Periodicals, 2016
  • A and B: Marks, Maps, Media, and the Materiality of Ambrose Bierce’s Style, American Literature, 2013
  • "Reading Connectedly": Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the Index, and Her Librarian-Father, American Literary Realism, 2013
  • Mr. Wilson’s War: Peace, Neutrality, and Entangling Alliances in Hemingway’s In Our Time, The Hemingway Review, 2012
  • Starting from the Archives: Digital Humanities Partnerships, Projects, and Pedagogies, Digital Humanities, Libraries, & Partnerships: A Critical Examination of Labor, Networks, and Community, 2018
  • Realism and Recording: Remixing Literary and Media History, American Literary Realism, 2021
  • English Language Arts 7-12 Professional Certificate
  • Preventing Discrimination & Harassment: Employees V2.3
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • Title IX: Preventing Sexual Misconduct for Faculty and Staff – "Responsible Employee" Edition
  • Bullying Prevention for Higher Education
  • Code of Conduct for Higher Education
  • FCOI Disclosure Process at USM_2017V2
  • Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence Refresher: Title IX VAWA & Clery Act for Faculty & Staff
  • Respect and Inclusion Series: Uncovering Implicit Bias
  • Bullying Prevention for Higher Education
  • Diversity Benefits for Higher Education Employees
  • FERPA for Higher Education

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Areas of Expertise

American Literature, Media Theory, Game Studies, Book History