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Katie Angus

Dr. Katie Angus

Associate Professor

  • PHD - University of Arizona (2014)
  • MA - University of Arizona (2011)

FL 694: Practicum in Second or Foreign Languages
FL 665: Sociocultural and Sociolinguistic Perspectives in Language
FL 664: Second Language Acquisition and Theory
FL 663: Applied Linguistics in Second and Foreign Languages
FL 561/461: Teaching Second Languages: Theory into Practice
FL 495/494: Student Teaching in Foreign Language I & II
FL 461L: Teaching Second Languages Lab
FRE 641: Teaching French Through Film
FRE 591/441/491: Advanced French Grammar
FRE 545/445: French Culture Through Comics: Astérix dans la salle de classe
FRE 537/441/437: French Culture Through Music: From la Chanson Française to Hip Hop (Hybrid)
FRE 545/441/445: French Theatre
FRE 502: French for Reading II
FRE 501: French for Reading I
FRE 340: Reading in French
FRE 321: French Conversation and Discourse
FRE 305: French Grammar Review
FRE 202: Intermediate French 2 (Online and face-to-face)
FRE 201: Intermediate French 1 (Online and face-to-face)
FRE 102: Beginning French 2 (Online and face-to-face)
FRE 101: Beginning French 1 (Online and face-to-face)

  • From the Front Lines: Foreign Language Teaching Assistants’ Perceptions of Their Professional Development and Preparedness as Future Faculty Members, ADFL Bulletin, 2019, 10.1632/adfl.45.2.115
  • Learning “About” and Learning “Through” Technology: An Analysis of Syllabi from Foreign Language Teaching Methods Courses, CALICO Journal, 2017, 10.1558/cj.26850
  • Saying vs. Doing: A Contradiction in the Professional Development of Foreign Language Teaching Assistants, Foreign Language Annals, 2016, 10.1111/flan.12239
  • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
  • English (Native or Bilingual)
  • French (Full Professional)
  • Spanish (Limited Working)
  • Catalan (Limited Working)
  • Italian (Elementary)

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Areas of Expertise

L2 Pedagogy; L2 Program Administration; Teacher Training