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Dr. Rachel Gisewhite

Assistant Professor


Rachel Gisewhite is an environmental and marine science educator that uses philosophical and qualitative methodologies to study youth, preservice teacher, and community member phenomenological experiences with the natural world and the more-than-human Other. She investigates how these experiences stimulate intellectual engagement for a deeper understanding of science content, their place in the (social and natural) world, the recognition of their responsibility for their collective and individual actions, and a charge to act with generosity to remediate or protect that which they are exploring.

  • Hydrographic Sciences (MS) - University of Southern Mississippi (2020)
  • PHD - University of Georgia (2012)
  • MED - University of Georgia (2008)
  • BS - University of South Carolina-Columbia (2005)
  • Cultivating Ecojustice in Science Education through Mindfulness, Conference Proceedings of 2023 International Consortium for Research in Science & Mathematics Education, 2024
  • A whale of a time: Engaging in a war of values for youth activism in science education , 2023,
  • How a phenomenology of place in science education can grant erotic generosities for the ocean, In times of precarity: Reimagining science education in the Anthropocene, 2023,
  • The Effectiveness and Challenges Implementing Formative Assessment Professional Development Program, 2023
  • A call for ecologically-based teacher-parent communication skills training in pre-service teacher education programmes, Educational Review, 2019, 10.1080/00131911.2019.1666794
  • Sociocultural perspectives on youth ethical consumerism: An introduction, Sociocultural Perspectives on Youth Ethical Consumerism, 2018, 10.1007/978-3-319-65608-3
  • Introducing Generation R, Assessing Schools for Generation R (Responsibility) A Guide to Legislation and School Policy in Science Education. , 2014, 10.1007/978-94-007-2748-9
  • Synesthesia and the Phenomenological Experience—Implications for Ecological Mindfulness and Beginning Scholars in Science Education, Cultural Studies of Science Education, 2014, 10.1007/s11422-014-9644-6
  • The Story of Mangrove Depletion: Using Socioscientific Cases to Promote Ocean Literacy, Science Activities, 2013, 10.1080/00368121.2013.768952
  • Fostering an Erotic Ethic in Science Education to Promote Erotic Generosities for the Ocean-Other, Educational Studies, 2013, 10.1080/00131946.2013.825263
  • National Association for Research in Science Teaching
  • Association for Science Teacher Education
  • National Marine Educators Association
  • American Educational Research Association
  • English (Native or Bilingual)

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Gulf Coast Science Building (SB) 3D 107B

Gulf Park



Areas of Expertise

Environmental justice, marine science education, and philosophical methodologies of science education