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Courtney Luckhardt

Dr. Courtney Luckhardt

Associate Professor


Dr. Luckhardt is a medieval historian who received her Ph.D. in Medieval Studies from the University of Notre Dame. Her research focuses on the religious and cultural history of the early Middle Ages (ca. 400 – 1000 AD). She has recently published her first book, The Charisma of Distant Places: Travel and Religion in the Early Middle Ages (London: Routledge, 2020), which explores migration through an examination of religious movement to reveal the diversity of religious travel, from the voluntary journeys of pilgrims to the forced travel of Christian slaves. Her work seeks to understand ideas about power, holiness, identity, and mobility during the transformation of the Roman world in the global Middle Ages.

  • PHD - University of Notre Dame (2011)
  • MAMS - University of Notre Dame (2005)

History 323 - The Vikings
History 330 - Early Medieval Europe
History 331 - High and Later Medieval Europe
History 328 - Ancient and Medieval Women
History 101 - World History to 1500
History 300 - Methods of History
History 710 - Philosophy of History

  • The Charisma of Distant Places: Travel and Religion in the Early Middle Ages, 2020
  • 'The messenger is the place of a man's judgement:' Diplomacy between Emperors and Caliphs in the Tenth Century, Medieval Worlds: comparative & interdisciplinary studies, 2018
  • Teaching Historical Literacy and Making World History Relevant in the Online Discussion Board, The History Teacher, 2014
  • Connectivity and Gender: Facilitating Religious Travel in the Sixth and Seventh Centuries, Comitatus: Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2013
  • Latin (Full Professional)
  • French (Full Professional)
  • Spanish (Professional Working)
  • German (Limited Working)
  • Old French (Professional Working)

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Areas of Expertise

medieval history, 300-1500 CE