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Audra Classen

Dr. Audra Classen

Associate Professor


Audra I. Classen, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor at The University of Southern Mississippi in the School of Child and Family Sciences. Her expertise lies in supporting the academic and behavioral development of young children from birth to age eight. Dr. Classen’s research interests include inclusive education practices, evidence-based assessment practices, early childhood special education, and preparing pre-service and in-service teachers to use the UDL instructional framework.

  • Early Childhood (PHD) - University of Kansas (2014)
  • Literacy and Learning Disabilities (MS) - University of Kansas (2001)
  • BA - MidAmerica Nazarene University (1995)

CD 351 - Assessment of Young Children
CD 477 - Developmental Disabilities in Early Childhood

  • Professional Credential Program: Impacting Early Childhood Inclusive Learning Environments, International Journal of Inclusive Education, 2020, 10.1080/13603116.2020.1717652
  • Exploring ways to support preservice teachers’ use of UDL in planning and instruction, Journal of Educational Research and Practice, 2019, DOI:10.5590/JERAP.2019.09.1.19
  • Needs of military Families: Family and educator perspectives., Journal of Early Intervention, 2019, 10.1177/1053815119847235
  • Serving families living in the intersection of military and special education cultures. , Professional Development: The International Journal of Continuing Social Work Education., 2019
  • Understanding the Removal of of Classroom Auditory Distractors: An interactive design, Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals , 2018
  • Experiencing a reduction in classroom auditory distraction for students with and without disabilities: A phenomenological inquiry, Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research, 2018
  • Literacy instruction for young children with severe speech and physical impairments: A systematic review, Journal of Occupational Therapy Schools and Early Intervention, 2017, 10.1080/19411243.2017.1359132
  • Chapter 5: Foundations of Universal Design For Learning , Six Steps to Inclusive Preschool Curriculum: A UDL Based Framework for Children's School Success, 2016
  • Role of Universal Design for Learning and Differentiation in Inclusive Preschools , DEC recommended Practices: Environment Practices, 2016
  • Systematic monitoring of young children’s social-emotional competence and challenging behaviors, Young Exceptional Children, 2015, 10.1177/1096250614523970
  • Council for Exceptional Children
  • Division for Early Childhood
  • Teacher Education Division
  • Mississippi Council for Exceptional Children
  • Mississippi Literacy Association

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Areas of Expertise

Inclusive Education Practices, Evidence-based Assessment Practices, Early Childhood Special Education, Early Literacy, and Universal Design for Learning